Experience real world resolution with the Samsung Smart HU8550 UHD TV. The HU8550 includes exclusive technology that delivers incredibly lifelike 4K UHD picture quality. Watch any movie, sport, disc or streaming app at 4 times the resolution of full HD with UHD Upscaling.

3 thoughts on “Samsung UN55HU8550 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV (2014 Model)

  1. FALCON says:

    Awesome TV you will love it but set it up! I am not affiliated with Samsung or CNET.[Side Note: I believe Samsung should provide free 2014 One connect boxes to F9000 owners because of the H265 codec, Google’s superior VP9 codec, and HDMI 2.0 as a gesture of good faith toward early adopters.]This review will help you get the most out of your HU8550. I won’t waste your time listing all the specs.I am posting here because some people badmouthed and down rated the Samsung F9000 because they did not know how to use it. I do not want the same thing to happen to this excellent TV. I have last year’s top-of-the-line F9000 4K model which is virtually the exact same TV as this, released only 5 months earlier. Only the Smart Hub software and HDMI ports changed.I cannot believe how absolutely amazing the picture is. It’s colors explode, it’s blacks are black, it’s whites are white, flesh tones are real, and all of it is super sharp. With newscasts or interviews, people look like they’re…

  2. Ali Pirani says:

    Worse customer support EVER – if you have an issues good luck….. I purchased a HU8550 65′ TV about 1 month ago and started to notice MAJOR bleeding on the screen, IR emitter not working, and the the TV randomly rebooting. I immediately contacted Samsung. I asked if they could just replace the set. They created a support call and the OUTSOURCED company came out and notice all the issues. The support person even commented on how bad the bleeding was on this set, but he said he would need to send back pictures to Samsung so that they could evaluate if they need to replace/fix the screen. After 3 days the outsourced company called back and said Samsung has decided that the TV set screen was operating within Specs, I had attached the pictures so you can all judge for yourself (the background is supposed to be all black). Then Samsung closed the case and have said they will not fix it the issue, and they didn’t even fix the IR or the rebooting problem. I am shocked at how customer service at Samsung has handled this. I called back to service to…

  3. Professor H says:

    Samsung Second Generation 4k UHD – Very Impressive This is the best picture quality of any TV I have had. It is a 4K TV and even though there isn’t any 4K content yet without getting movie on a hard drive and paying out the nose. This Samsung upscales the content up and it looks pretty darn great. Noticeably sharper then others that I looked at. The sound is also very good. There are plenty of smart features and internet hookup without having any external devices like Roku, Apple TV. Upconverts any source inputted. Samsungs latest backlighting technology.I bought the TV for the picture quality not really for the 3D. Most of the smart features are just extra pluses.It does a decent job of upscaling the HD content, but remember it is trying to upscale from HD to near 4K and the information is just not there for it to do real 4K. It, for the lack of better terms, makes a guess on what 4K should be. That withstanding it does guess well, and will offer a better picture than standard HD, just not UHD so expect that…

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