Redefine the TV Experience with the 4K SUHD TV. Enjoy a home theater experience like never before with the Samsung 4K SUHD TV. See expanded color range with Nano-crystal technology, as well as dynamic brightness and contrast, compared to conventional HD/UHD TVs. Access and play your favorite content seamlessly with our new Quad-Core Smart TV platform.

3 thoughts on “Samsung UN55JS7000 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2015 Model)

  1. Handsome Grandpa says:

    important- TV SETTINGS ARE IN MY REVIEW Grandpa here and this TV is AWESOME once you have it correctly calibrated.Use the picture settings in my Review listed at the end and the Samsung will look awesome. First off I notice major black light bleed out of the box & even after tweaking the TV on my own until I found the right settings from a other users.What I really like about this TV is that my play station 3 is synced with the TV. My TV comes on when the playstation is turned on and I can control my ps3 with my Samsung remote nice feature. The TV is nice a thin not very heavy. The 2d to 3d conversion is total crap some stuff looks good but for the most part it’s a BIG gimmick. HD Movies look amazing, sometimes older movies are a hit & miss. So far my favorite HD movies are : ( Monsters Vs Aliens ) ( avatar ) ( Despicable me ) Resident evil looked like ok & I really didn’t like monster house. I am hoping the studios will improve HD filming and make live action films pop out more.Setting…

  2. vgame_edge says:

    Samsung UN55JS7000 – Enhanced 4K UHD TV I purchased this 55 inch SUHD TV over the many 4k,UHD,SUHD,Curved,OLED,1080p, etc. options available. I previously had a 50 inch Panasonic Plasma TV that I was very fond of, and was concerned with finding something that would be equivalent (or better?) within the original price range of $1,000.00. I was skeptical of LED(LCD) technology, and on paper, this TV appeared to match what I was looking for, with enhanced picture quality features. And I can honestly say that I am very pleased, the picture is absolutely amazing! Overall picture quality improvements for HDTV broadcasts, Xbox, and Movies, so far I have been totally blown away! I found that this Samsung TV was in a sweet spot with price, picture quality (which I actually care about, do your research, TV options nowadays are laden with complete bull), Samsung product reliability but not overpriced like Sony but similar to their Triluminous picture quality, couldn’t care less about 3D, Curved is not for me, and 120hz is also fine…

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