With 4K UHD resolution you’ll enjoy a picture with 4X the detail of Full HD. Enjoy incredible shades of color, as nature intended, with technology that accurately blends primary and secondary colors for spectacular picture performance. Watch and play your way with the advanced Samsung Smart TV platform that lets you quickly and easily access your favorite content.

2 thoughts on “Samsung UN60JU6400 60-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2015 Model)

  1. Jennifer Clark says:

    Good price, but features are hit-and-miss For an inexpensive 4K TV, this isn’t too bad, but there are some issues. The picture is sharp, motion is smooth, and colors pop very nicely. However, it’s rather obvious that Samsung cut some corners to hit this price point. The smart features are nice, but the processor is woefully underpowered to handle basic tasks. It is nice that Samsung included a built-in channel guide for users who watch over-the-air broadcast, but the lag is terrible when scrolling through the guide. Like many modern channel guides, you get a quarter-screen-size picture of the channel you are currently watching and the rest of the screen is taken up by the guide. For whatever reason though, when you scroll through the guide both the guide and the channel you are watching completely stop while the next page takes up to five seconds to load. It’s disappointing that this TV can flawlessly stream 4K content, yet can’t seem to handle flipping through pages of a channel guide. Regardless, since I consider a channel…

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