1080p HDTV: Better picture quality

3 thoughts on “Samsung UN65H7150 65-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV (2014 Model)

  1. OregonBay says:

    Beautiful TV, super slim and light! *updated* // Update June 15 2014 //** Smart View function **I just wanted to kind of go into what someone can do with the Smart View function of the TV. I’ve had time to play around with it a little bit and so far am quite impressed. I’m using an iPad and iPhone with this app, I’m certain that the same type of function is available if you have a compatible Android device as well. + You can watch TV on the portable device, while you do other things on the TV, for instance I have my Mac Mini attached to the TV and am editing this right now while watching TV on my iPad. I have also played my game consoles on the TV screen while watching TV on the tablet. + You can walk around the house with the portable device, for instance if you need to do something while watching your favorite show you won’t miss what is happening. I’ve been able to walk all around the house and it worked everywhere I went. For me, I can see this being super useful during…

  2. Eddie says:

    Finally! A LED TV I can live with. Let me introduce myself. I’m a one-percenter! No, I don’t mean I’m a mega-rich billionaire; I mean I own a Plasma TV. Now, I understand that people who have never owned a high-end Plasma TV will probably never realize what they are missing. How about natural looking skin tones, or richly detailed dark scenes, or maybe the consistent illumination of bright areas – like when the sky fills almost half the screen?Anyway, according to my wife, I started hyper-ventilating when my 2011 Panasonic 55″ GT30 (and lots of other equipment) was damaged by lightning. You see, having researched LCD/LED TVs every year since 2009, I knew exactly what I was in store for. I was going to play the panel lottery (e.g. lots of lighting, color and sharpness issues). I was going to go cross-eyed watching all the motion blur and judder. I was going to spend my evenings looking at people who spent way too much time in the makeup room (i.e. flat, lifeless skin tones). I was going to suffer the…

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