BREATHTAKING HD IMAGES. The LC-48LE551U is an LED TV that delivers legendary AQUOS picture quality, with 60Hz refresh rate and 4 million : 1 dynamic contrast ratio for precision clarity during fast-motion scenes. The AQUOS panel’s advanced pixel structure gives you crystal clear picture, brilliant color, and captivating detail.

3 thoughts on “Sharp LC-48LE551U 48-inch Aquos HD 1080p 60Hz LED TV

  1. MGY "TT" says:

    Great Picture! Good for Movies, Excels at Gaming *Update one at bottom of review with calibration preferencesThis TV is fantastic. I was skeptical after reading some other reviews about the calibration, but I dove in anyways. I am incredibly picky with products I buy and obsess over every little fault or drawback.Pros:Easy set up, no manual needed (it doesn’t come with one either). Just screw in the antennae, plug it in, put the batteries in the remote and you’re good.The picture is great. It isn’t a “smart” tv put it is still pretty smart. When you switch to playing games it automatically adjusts the picture to game mode. I owned a Samsung before that didn’t do this.No detectable input lag. I play Titanfall ,a super fast moving game, and this TV is impressive. I can’t fault the TV for my terrible K/D spread, so it must be my internet… Or modders… But definitely not my skills…I love that it isn’t a smart TV. This may be a drawback for some because smart…

  2. B. Whitehill says:

    VERY satisfied… Written by: A Casual Gamer & Watcher of Blu-Rays I recently received this television and WOW! My previous television was a 32-inch 720p Sharp LCD TV from about 2007… I never realized what I was missing until THIS. Before you write me off as an over-enthusiastic customer, let me first explain that I’m closer to the casual television user than I am to someone that’s like “OMG YES THIS SONY IS PERFECT, LOOK AT THE REFRESH RATE. I DON’T SPEND LOWER THAN $2,000 ON A TELEVISION.” I use my television for my Apple TV and for gaming (PS4) and blu-rays. I’m not a programmer or a professional television reviewer.I was debating between two other televisions in the similar price and size range before I found this one. I was looking at the 39 inch LG LED TV (39LN5300) for $299 and the Samsung 39 inch (UN39FH5000) for close to $400. I wasn’t a fan of the price range of the Samsung although it got good reviews, and I was fine with the LG BUT it doesn’t have an analog audio output, only digital (which is ridiculous), so…

  3. PAR-TEE "Bongoman" says:

    4RTH star because of value… I bought this TV as a second TV in the bedroom. Someone in a review suggested these Sharp models are not 1080, I can vouch they are in fact 1080 HDTVs. The picture quality as far as sharpness is right on, clear sharp pictures. In the area of color reproduction is where I have some disappointment. The TV has a slight overall bluish tint to it. That makes the colors appear washed out at times and not true. I have calibrated/adjusted the settings, all of them. Usually a bluish tint suggests a white balance setting issue, too bright a cell lite, etc. I have tried various settings to correct the problem, it improves the color, but does not totally remove the bluish tint/haze. I have asked for owners to share their calibration settings, but have yet to receive a reply. If you have any suggestions please respond, it will be greatly appreciated. So bottom-line this set is a 3 star “its okay” rating, but I gave this set 4 stars based on the value you get for $499.00; I…

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