1.This Dummy LED TV simulates scene and color changes, fades, and on-screen motion. Makes it look like someone is home watching TV

2. Voice just be on 4 hours. No need worry to bother your neighbors in deep evening.

3. Note: Neither Home Security TV nor any home security system can guarantee you will not have a break in . You should never slack off your security precuations.


input voltage: 100-240V AC

Output: 5V 1A

Speaker/RMS: 2W

Rated voice: 55 decibels

Voice format: Mp3, WMA, WAV

Memory: Micro SD card 32 GB max

LED: 15pcs

dimensions(WxHxD): 82 x 54 x 73mm

Timer: 4 and 8 hours selectable

Package includes:

1pc Security TV

1pc Power Adapter

1pc User Manual

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2 thoughts on “Sunwee Home Security Fake Dummy LED HD TV Light FTV Simulator Vacation Go-out Burglar Intruder Deterrent Theft Prevention Device

  1. Topper23 says:

    very convincing! This is so cool. It takes the automatic light timer to the next level. I always use those light timers when I go out of town. Actually when I was single I had a light timer on a lamp that came on every night because I didn’t like going home to a dark apartment. Well, if you are bored with the light timer and want to up your game, this is for you. This LED TV simulator does just that…it makes it look like someone is watching TV. The lights flicker and flash just like a real television does. It has a built in MP3 player so you can put any voice onto micro SD card (music, human voice, animal’s voice…anything). The light is pretty convincing on its own but you add a voice or music to it and it is even more convincing. I have had it on in my bedroom for the last two nights and when I came home it really looked like someone was watching TV in there. I set the built in timer to come on at 9 pm and when I drove up both nights it was really convincing. I think this is a great…

  2. JNG "SuperMom" says:

    Definitely mimics someone watching TV great Home security TV to have What is included:1- TV simulator small 3″ by a tad over 2 1/2″1- Wall power cord about 60″ long including the part to plug in1- ManualFeatures:- Simulates someone watching a real 27Inch HDTV while you are out or on vacation.- Has 4 settings you can set this on: you can have it straight on, dusk + 8 hours, dusk + 4 hours or off.- small and compact but mimics a 27inch it is about 3″ by a tad over 2 1/2″ and is triangular in the back to allow you to set it on a flat surface for stability.- Consumes less energy than leaving your TV on.It consumes just the power of a night light.- rating voltage 9V .200mA Wow! I am very impressed with this home security TV simulator.I have to admit when I pulled it out of the box I was not really impressed with the way it looked.When I plugged it in and tested it out I was definitely happy with what I saw.How awesome is this little burglar deter device…

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