Try to create fascinating ambiance for your home theater? No need for expensive stage lighting products or fee charged by technician any more. This light kit can do the job for you!

This light kit included 4pcs 20inch ETL-classified flexible color-changing LED strips, one UL-certified power adapter,

and one LED controller with IR remote (24keys). Necessary installation accessories are also included. It is a good choice to complete your home theater with other recessed lighting,

wall sconces, ambient lighting and task lamp next to seating.

The strip light is built with black color circuit board, invisible when you turn the light off. 3M self-adhesive tape will help you to accomplish the installation within 30min.

The signal range for the controller is 30ft so you can control the light effect sitting in the couch with handheld IR remote.

Selectable lighting effect:

-16 different static colors: press the single color button on the remote to select color

– Brightness levels: press up or down buttons to increase or reduce the brightness of static lighting

– Dynamic color changing effect: select from flash and strobe after selecting your desired color to achieve dynamic changing effects;

select from fade and smooth to view colors changing in default order


Input voltage: AC120V

Output voltage: DC12V

LED type: 5050SMD

Color: RGB changing

Current draw: 1A

Wattage: 12W

LED density: 15LEDs/strip, 60LEDs/set

Beam angle: 120 degree

Waterproof rate: IP65

Strip dimension: 20inch(L)*0.4inch(W)*0.08inch(H)

Package included:

4 pcs 20inch LED strip light

1 pc 24-key IR Remote

1 pc controller

1 pc 1A power supply

3 pcs strip connectors

8 pcs mounting brackets

16 pcs installation screws

3 thoughts on “TORCHSTAR RGB Home LED Accent Lighting Kit – Home Theater TV LED Backlight Kit – 4pcs 3M Adhesive Color-changing Waterproof LED Strip Lights w/ UL-listed Power Adapter, Multicolor 24-key IR Remote Controller, Connectors and Accessories

  1. W. S. Hughes says:

    Works great…but just a few cons I ordered this set to go behind my 55″ Samsung (55HU8550 4K). Installation was a breeze. It is very self explanatory. I will agree with all the other reviewers that the adhesive backing is very poor at staying stuck to the back of the TV. Also the white color I’m getting has a slight blue tint to it. It was not a 6500k color I had been hoping for. Overall I would recommend it. I was looking for an inexpensive led kit (I know that sounds crazy with it being stuck to a $2000 TV) and this one fit the bill. Overall it is great but one star is missing due to the poor adhesive backing and blueish tint on the white setting.Pros:Easy to set upVery brightDifferent color optionsCons:-Poor adhesive backing…I solved my problem with small strips of gorilla tape.-white color has a slight blueish hue to it.Other notes:It is annoying there was such a short distance of wore between the Ir sensor and the first light strip. I…

  2. Michelle says:

    We love these lights and they make our room look so much cooler than it already is but we have a couple issues… The hardest thing about setting these up was getting our flat mount off the wall. The second hardest thing was making sure our connections were right. If they were in backwards they would not work so I highly suggest doing what we did and put them all together and plug them in to make sure you have them all facing the proper direction for installing.We love the way this looks on our TV, we have a pretty modern bedroom and a 50″ 3-D TV and these lights set it off. They are not distracting at all while watching TV either. What is distracting however is the sensor, it’s a litter larger than I had anticipated. It would be nice is the cord going from the lights to the sensor was longer so you had more options for positioning it. Also, being picky here but it would also be nice if the remote was illuminated in some way; even if it just was able to glow in the dark especially considering that you will typically be using these lights in…

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