New TV cart from VIVO! Great for conference rooms, schools, and hospitals. Fits any TV that uses VESA 500×400 (or smaller) mounting brackets up to 60″. The stand is 63″ tall with the wheel base being 32.5″ x 28.5″. Included are 3″ locking casters for easy mobility. There is a tapered glass shelf that is 16.5″ x 12″ x 6mm for dvd/blue ray players. Max load capacity is 90 lbs. The stand is silver and black in color and made from high grade steel. The mounting bracket can be set at 3 different heights 48.5″, 53.5″ and 58.5″ (from floor to center of TV).


– High Grade Steel

– Tapered Glass Shelf

– Locking Wheel Casters

– Vesa Standard: VESA hole pattern: 500 X 400 and smaller

– TV Cart comes in a Silver Finish

3 thoughts on “VIVO TV Cart / Stand for LCD, LED, Plasma, Flat Panel TVs with Locking Caster Wheels VESA 800×500 / Fits 42″ to 70″ (STAND-TV01C)

  1. Erik M Allen says:

    Lots of work, but worth it in the end. As this stand is awesome when put together, getting there was not easy.Let me start off by saying I’m fairly proficient with tools. Lucky thing too, because I needed to call upon those skills and tools throughout this whole build.After I packaging the items, I was excited to see that there weren’t many parts. This stand should maybe take 15-20 min to build if you’re used to deciphering instructions that are solely based on drawings with no step by step instructions. Almost immediately I ran into manufacturing flaws. Parts that should slide on and line up didn’t. I had to drill, bang, bend and curse my way though this whole build.In the end, it took 90 min to put together. Once finished, it’s a great stand. Sturdy and attractive as well as functional. I used it to put a 32″ Samsung with an XBbox 360 for my garage. It suits that purpose well.If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty and put a little creativity and elbow grease into…

  2. Graham Perks says:

    Sturdy enough! The box says supports up to 50″ … Sturdy enough! The box says supports up to 50″ TVs, but the description here claims 60″ and i hung my 60″ up fine.The instructions are OK, good enough. My suggestion is that you put the glass table on last, so you can’t accidentally drop anything on it while securing the TV mount.The biggest problem with mine was that the two verticals didn’t fit over their support. The twin supporting tubes were too close together; it was rather hard to get the verticals over the supports, and once I did, very hard to get them all the way down. Using my full weight I was able to do it – no need for the supplied securing bolts. In fact only one support’s holes were aligned and able to take a bolt.The wheels are fantastic and roll well on carpet.Suggestions: wish I could mount the TV a few inches lower. There are three selectable heights, wish there was one more. My Sony TV’s mount are lower on its back and so the TV sits quite high…

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