The all-new 2016 D-series 48” (48” diag.) Full-Array LED Smart TV has arrived. Featuring brilliant picture quality, and faster, easier-to-use smart TV experience, VIZIO’s 2016 D-series brings you premium HD entertainment at an incredible value. Full-Array LED backlighting and 5 Active LED Zones produce deeper black levels and brighter colors1 that makes all your favorite shows more vibrant and beautiful. VIZIO D-Series: Incredible picture, unbeatable value. 1Compared to previous generations of VIZIO D-Series TVs.

3 thoughts on “VIZIO D48-D0 D-Series 48″ Class Full Array LED Smart TV (Black)

  1. Victor says:

    Best TV you can buy on a budget. I actually bought this through Walmart (Which was a rather odd, yet typical experience) and have found myself loving it from first impressions and opening days of use. Obviously not every make and model of TV is exactly perfect, but this one is on the money for what I was looking for in a TV. Specifically I was looking for something that would meet my criteria for price, picture, connectivity, and (eventually) longevity.Price: I don’t know of a better quality for the price and size. Getting this for $400 seems like a great deal. Although, I’m sure that has to do with the fact that the last TV I bought was a 32″ vizio in 2009 for the same price. I’m sure around holiday seasons the price will go down even further, making it a great budget buy for people like myself.Picture: This is obviously what everyone is looking for in a TV, and this one does not disappoint. The colors are vibrant, the backlight is solid, and the picture is very sharp. This is one of the…

  2. MdniteEagl says:

    Very capable TV, great price After owning a Vizio VX37L (37-inch) for 8 1/2 years with nothing but great things to say about it (and it went to a good home), I recently purchased the Vizio D48-D0. The first (amusing) thing was, despite being 11 inches more in diagonal dimension, the D48-D0’s box was smaller than the one for the VX37L. It took just minutes to set up – the leg stands fit in slots and are held with two large Phillips screws each. As an IT professional, I’m in front of a computer all day (I just wanna watch TV!), so I had no interest in setting up the internet capability, although the TV found all available wi-fi signals immediately. The cable box and DVD/VHS dual-deck were plug-and-play, and I had no trouble watching a DVD movie or an old VHS videotape right out of the gate. You get 3 HDMI ports, an ethernet port, a USB, a coax connector, and an AV/component set of RCA jacks. You also have digital and RCA audio-out ports. The menus are easy to access and follow, no different than most cell…

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