The Nikon 26309 Coolpix S3300 Digital Camera captures images accurately with its 16 megapixel CCD sensor. Other than taking pictures, this digital camera can also record videos in 720p HD quality. See your captured videos and pictures on the camera’s 2.7-inch LCD display. Its 6x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom makes sure you will never miss shooting even the farthest or smallest subjects on your travels.

3 thoughts on “Nikon COOLPIX S3300 16 MP Digital Camera with 6x Zoom NIKKOR Glass Lens and 2.7-inch LCD (Silver)

  1. Nima says:

    I LOVE IT!! Birthday Present from my mom~ My very first personal camera (I usually use my aunt’s canon) and I love it! I’m not a professional photographer but this camera takes really crisp pictures! Zoom is pretty good and the face tracking is really accurate~ Pixels are not all mashed up when you zoom in it warns you when you zoom in too much and you notice the increasing blurriness of the photo. Pictures in low light look really good also as though there was a light source present. I have yet to experiment much with the videos but it from the little videos i’ve shot, the video is pretty clear.The fact that I don’t have to go mad looking for AA or AAA batteries is a SUPER PLUS! Miss perfect picture moments because of batteries and nobody loves that~ You do have to buy a memory card because the camera doesn’t come with one.Terrific camera! I don’t know how much she paid for the camera so I cannot comment on the price.

  2. R. Boss says:

    SLOW Entry Level Camera I picked up the S3300 at a Sam’s Club because my S8000 started acting up while on vacation. I thought by staying in the Nikon family, all would be well. Big mistake!!! The extra $100 to get you into the next class of cameras is well worth it if you are more than the occasional photographer.CONSIt’s S-L-O-W. Painfully slow….so slow, that I returned it and got my money back.It’s slow (and difficult) to get all 9 focus boxes to appear for a crisp clear picture.It’s slow to save the picture to the SD Card (class 10)It’s slow to transfer the pictures out of the camera to your computer (at least this can be fixed by taking out the SD Card and connecting it directly to your computer)30% of my pictures were blurry. Most likely because it takes forever to focus. I shot about 1000 pictures on my vacation. 30% (300) blurry photos, that’s a lot.PRO’sAs crappy as the camera is to take a STILL picture,…

  3. coolmomx2 says:

    Great point & Shoot! I just got this camera yesterday and have been taking pictures in all different kinds of lighting.This camera has done great in even a dark room.I am very pleased with how quiet it is whichwill be great when shooting video’s.Haven’t been able to get a great super close up yet butI think that is due to my lack of understanding on just how to use all the functions of the camerajust yet.I’m not a professional photographer but as a capture every moment mom of two I havetaken thousands upon thousands of pictures.I’ve been through many camera’s (Samsung,Kodak,Fuigi)to name a few none have come close to the quality of picture of this Nikon.I am very happywith this camera so far.I love how compact it is and the fun colors it comes in.

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