1. Compatible with Bluetooth phones, MP3/MP4/CD/PC/MAC/PSP, etc.
2. Built-in lithium battery:3.7V/700MA,it can used for NOKIA Mobile
3. Bluetooth protocol: version 2.1+EDR
4. Support A2DP,AVRCP,headset,handfree profile
5. Input sensitivity: 300MV
6. Color : Black
7. requency range:80Hz~20KHzv
8. Signal-to-noise ratio:>76dB
9. Power supply: USB Power
10. Rated power:3w*2
11. Standby time:80-100hours
12. working time:3hours

Packaging include:
Bluetooth Speaker x 1
USB Charging line x 1
Audio cable x 1
LI-battery x 1

3 thoughts on “Portable Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker For Many Cellphones mp3 mp4 iPod iPhone

  1. Dal Dude "Dal Dude" says:

    Not bad at all for 25 bucks shipped so far so good. I bought this speaker from Cell Phone Shop online store and so far I’m pleased with the quality for the price, sure it’s no $400 high end speaker like a BOSE (Which is a over priced brand anyway) or maybe Ihome or Logitech Wireless Boombox or the quality you would get from a wired set of Quality speakers but for 25 bucks shipped its a good speaker that has decent volume which is what I wanted it for.It has decent highs and good mid range and fair Bass for such small speakers you can’t expect deep bass but at least it has some Bass.It gets fairly loud without too much distortion at max volume on both the speaker and the Blue Tooth device if I set the speakers to Max volume and my Tablet it distorts slightly but if I set my tablet volume to less then max but leave the speakers at Max then it will not distort.One thing I kind of don’t like is how the volume on the speakers does not increase and decrease very gradually it kind of jumps in larger steps then other audio…

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