Samsung CES 2011: Virtually Edgeless Smart TVs

What we’ve done is create TVs at the very edge of design by creating a virtually edgeless TV. The bezel that has traditionally framed the TV screen has virtually disappeared. The bezel of our premiere model, the D8000, is just two tenths of an inch wide. That’s the width of two nickels! This video features Samsung Electronics America’s Consumer Electronics Division’s President Tim Baxter and Senior VP John Revie present Samsung’s new Smart 3D TVs.
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25 thoughts on “Samsung CES 2011: Virtually Edgeless Smart TVs

  1. Skeebled says:

    as blazer said….its either “point two” or “two tenths” which is the same thing…but two tenths is already a fraction….you dont need the “point” in front of it…..”point two tenths” <<<<< NOW that would really be edgeless tv 😉

  2. jason13204 says:

    i wasnt going to post because i am tired, but you people are all idiots. point two-tenths? come on guys. that’s .2 which means that for it to become a 1.0 you need to mulitiply .2 * 5 wich gives you 1.0 so out of 1 inch .2 occurs 5 times. which is 5 “lines” on a 1 inch mark. you people can’t even… never mind. no wonder you don’t know a good tv when you see one.

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