Not compatible: CDMA network, such as Sprint,Virgin mobile, cricket(cdma) metro pcs (cdma), boost and Verizon and not compatible with 4G network Compatible: GSM or WCDMA network sim cards Warning:the seller valword and seller dealink is selling fake product under this list! Please do not buy from the seller valword! And we are taking lawful action again this seller. Once you receive his fake product, please file a a-to-z guarantee to the seller valword to get the money back without returning the product to him. Because he is selling fake product under this list.

2 thoughts on “aPhone® apone 5 inch screen 512MB RAM+ 4G ROM ARMv7 CPU Factory unlocked dual SIM android smart phone (White)

  1. William J. says:

    They are really good phones. I sell them for $125 and I … This is an HONEST and THROUGH review. I have purchased and resold 60 of these phones. They are really good phones. I sell them for $125 and I have had a 7-8 people bring them back with problems. First is the battery dieing for good, You MUST fully charge the battery before turning it on. Also only use the charger that comes with it. I had one to die and not come back I believe from the customer using an LG charger. Now that is if they were being honest and didnt drop the phones in water. RECEPTION issues are corrected by paying attention to which sim slot you are using and setting the phone to that slot. SIM A which is the big sim slot works the best. Notice the “G” in your reception bars and it will be 3, if you take sim out and put in SIM B reception will go to 2G. Change the active sim in the phone settings. Out of the first 50 phones I’m having to buy or exchange (not sure yet) 6 batteries due to the above issues. I wish there was a youtube video explaining all this and…

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