The energy x 2 is a stunning smartphone that provides all day power with its massive 4,000mAh battery, and OTG capability that allows you to charge other electronic devices.

2 thoughts on “BLU Energy X 2 – With 4000 mAh Super Battery – US GSM Unlocked Smartphone – Gold

  1. Tech1 says:

    Energy X 2 Great Phone so far. It’s nice having an unlocked phone. I’m using this phone on ATT it was very easy to set up. First charge the phone with it’s adapter or any Android adapter that’s not type C. Install your Sim card into slot 1 which is the metal one. It’s located towards the left side face down below the camera. Then if you have an XD card it goes right over the top of the Sim’s card. After that you can restore your contacts and App’s thru your Google Account. Load the app’s that you use the most without any of your carriers memory and battery hogging app’s. The camera’s are good but not exceptional. See the two photo’s that I took of my dog with them bellow. The first is the selfie camera and the second is the main camera. The good: Very nice feel of the phone,fast great display and exceptional battery life. The number 1 reason for replacing my Motorola phone. For the price even my son was impressed with how nice it was.(I told him I would get him one if he improves his grades.)…

  2. bonte gbemudu says:

    Blu Energy X2 The BLU Energy X2 smart phone made by BLU (Bold Like Us) is an off brand smart phone that has so far exceeded my expectations. The average smart phone user may not consider this phone a wise choice because it is not a popular brand. Compared to other well-known smart phones, this phone holds its own. This phone is ideal for those who use their smart phones for extensive work purposes as well as those who do not do as much on their phones.My main reason for ordering this phone was because of its advertised long battery life, and it has met this expectation as it can run for 3-7 days on a single charge, depending on usage. It also has a 30 day stand by time when not used, all on a single charge. Even this phone takes many hours to fully charge, there is an option for a 10minute quick charge that gives the user 1 hour of talk time. Most of the brand name smart phones such as the Samsung Galaxy I have used do not come close to this.Another feature of the BLU Energy X2 smart…

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