Unlocked Dual SIM Phone.

3 thoughts on “BLU Studio 5.0 C HD Smartphone – Unlocked – Orange

  1. Maygan Beckles says:

    Best Little Android Phone Ever! I was looking for an upgrade phone from my iphone 4 and wanted to go back to an android phone. I use prepaid no contract service by Straight Talk. I wanted a phone that was going to be heavy on my pockets. I was searching on Amazon for phones when the Blu Studio phones came up. I have never heard of Blu Studio so I was curious. I had read several reviews from customers and was please the majority of the reviews I read were very favorable. I decided to buy the Blue Studio 5.0 HD in pink. I have had it now for about two weeks and I love it. Setting up the phone was easy. I just popped my slim card in from my iphone and I was up and running. I love the large screen, great volume, excellent picture taking and 4G speed. I have no complaints. My 19 year old daughter was also in the market for a new phone and recommended the Blu Studio 5.0 HD and she loves it. She said she couldn’t be happier and we both love the affordable cost. We are so glad we didn’t spend a lot of money on…

  2. Don says:

    I am extremely happy with my purchase I bought the white 8G version of this phone last week. I am extremely happy with my purchase! BUT, It is a real pain in the ass to get the sim and straight talk all working together. I love this phone BETTER than my Galaxy S4! It’s interface is soooooo simple. It really is made for human beings! It does not come pre-tethered to facebook or virtually any other apps for that matter. but that is nice because u get to pick and choose ur own apps from Google Play. This phone was $300 cheaper than my Galaxy. The screen resolution is beautiful. No hesitation or lags in videos. It looks and feels like a solid well-built phone. My brother has the exact same model and he loves his too. The camera is high definition and looks wonderful. I actually had to turn my brightness down just to save battery. It is almost too bright and vibrant. Just turn the brightness down a litttle bit. It saves the battery too. With very moderate use after 2 charges, I am able to get two full days…

  3. Jared the tech guy says:

    I love it! But… It has its issues 1.The LED flash is too close to the camera so using the flash in a low light setting does not work because the flash interferes with the camera 2.on the lowest volume control before mute, it is still WAY TO LOUD! 3.i don’t like that the LED notification light is under the speaker grill it makes it hard to see the light from some angles. And the light seems to only have 2 colors that it can be. Orange or green that’s it. Facebook usually uses blue for its notifications but not in this case. 4.the case that came with the phone provides none in the least drop protection… It is just level with the screen so if you were to drop it the screen could break. How ever using the case that came with the phone temporarily fixes the camera and flash problem until you take the case off but you still have the risk of breaking the screen. 5.where is the gorilla glass? This phones glass is super low quality. And is a finger print, sweat, and skin oil MAGNET! and it all dries to the screen and it…

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