Meet the new Studio selfie 2. Redesigned with a slim form, the latest addition to the BLU selfie family with a focus on a great camera experience. The Studio selfie 2 was designed to fit in the palm of your hand for the best camera experience.

3 thoughts on “BLU Studio Selfie 2 – GSM Unlocked Smartphone – Gold

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    so far so good when the battery on my old blu-dash-5 started to go I picked up this phone… My first rude surprise was was it takes a smaller sim card. the 2nd rude surprise was T mobile wanted 25 bucks for the required card. Otherwise it works fine (so far)….Even with the price of the new sim card this phone was about 1/3 the price and twice the quality compared to the least expensive phones T-mobile offered… If u don’t know just about every android phone has the same options since the magic (or hell) is in the google operating system, not the phone, (my friend who spent 400+ on a Galaxy8 was not happy to find out my old blu-dash-5 did everything his phone did and did it for under 50 bucks). Expensive phones do offer special aps and sometimes better specifications but, all android phone can use the same aps. … if you shop wisely you can typically get a very good/useful phone at way less than half the absurd prices some fools pay (like 700 for a galaxy 7)This phone…

  2. AvCheu says:

    Pretty decent but I’m upgrading from an iView M45 I bought an iView M45 and was eventually disappointed by the poor camera (didn’t know I’d need to take so many pictures) and a weird quirk that it would constantly click on and jump to the next song whenever I put it in my pocket – the on/off button is by itself on the leftside so perhaps it got bumped a lot but it was very annoying when I was biking as I couldn’t stop to adjust it.So for Amazon Prime Day I bought this even though it was a middling 3-starred item but whoa, how much better than the iView phone! Great battery life (did not see what bloatware was on it but good to know and will check it out), I’m even using an active screen background, really to see how much battery life it uses but to be honest, the display never needs to be more than at 1/3 of full brightness, which helps.A really good size screen, in fact, when I don’t have my contacts on, the screen fonts seemed too large. The case covering is lightweight and feels good without feeling either…

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