Introducing the new Win HD enhanced with Windows 8.1 OS, featuring a 5.0″ capacitive HD display for viewing pleasure, powerful Qualcomm Snapgradon 1.2 GHz Quad Core processor for fast response and a great 8MP camera

3 thoughts on “BLU Win HD Unlocked Cellphone, 8GB, Pink

  1. James Huskey says:

    Fantastic Value! Great Phone! I am impressed! I’m not a smartphone expert. This is my first, although I’ve helped my wife with her Android and her Iphone 5. I have built many computers and I am an IT specialist who provides help to others at work, but I had no real need for a smartphone. Most of the time, I sit in front of both work laptop and home desktop. However…friends had Blu phones and loved them, and I know all flavors of Windows, and I like the idea of sharing all my stuff between computer/tablet/phone/Mom’s laptop, so I bought this. Runs everything quickly. Beautiful. Thin. Bright Yellow! Comes with flexi rear protector case, hands-free buds/microphone, installed screen cover and an extra and charging gear. Holds two sims, one micro, one mini. Unlocked. I like WP 8.1. Performs flawlessly with email, texts, calls, surfing, GPS, navigation. All this for $179. Stupid good value. For less than $200, I have something that outperforms my wife’s Iphone 5. I’ve paid more for a meal for four. I’m a…

  2. Dirk D. says:

    What a surprise! First off, you get all the following in the box: Plastic case (same color); battery, two (2) screen protectors (one pre-installed); headphones and wall charger. Once you plug it in, at least in my case, BLU automatically updates your phone to their latest firmware, which is impressive to say the least.I came from the 6″ Lumia 1520, which has been an awesome phone for me but I always felt it was one inch too big, and since I’m on AT&T, I have been waiting for a 5″ like this to come out. I am pleasantly surprised with how this runs. I haven’t had it long but have not noticed any lag at all. I absolutely love Windows 8.1 (I actually have the 8.1 Update version through the Preview for Developers app) and loved the option of ‘changing the size and number of Tiles available on your Start screen’, found under Start+theme. Even though this has a snapdragon 200 processor, it runs just fine for me.There are two SIM card slots and the only annoying thing for me is…

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