This is a Casio G’zOne Commando C771 phone for Verizon. The Casio Commando is known for its rugged durability while sporting a touch screen display. Operating on the Android OS, the Commando is water, shock, and dust resistant. Never get lost with the included GPS navigation and built in electronic compass. The Casio Commando has all the features of a smartphone while being tough. Network Type: CDMA

2 thoughts on “Casio G’zOne Commando 4G LTE C811 Verizon Android Rugged Android Smart Phone (Latest Model)

  1. Jfalls says:

    As close to indestructable as you can get Liked the original Commando C771 and upgraded to C811 as soon as it was available. I work industrial maint. and a avid outdoorsman in all types of weather. My phone has dropped out of trees, in mud,in water, on concrete. Used in tempatures from 20 to 110 degrees F. Can’t see myself with another phone and when I found out that Casio stopped making them I ordered a back up incase I loose it. Can’t understand the bad reviews about it being slow or short battery life. I use mine for looking up parts online, calls,text,and taking pics. Put a 10 gig sd card in mine and it will support up to 16 gig. Even when I use mine as mobile hotspot for my tab, battery last all day with good app manager. Does come preloaded with useless crap apps but still alot of memory to load the ones you can’t live without. Got a few months left on Verizon contract with phone purchased thru them then will be switching to Straight talk. Yes, you can switch it to another network if you do the research. Bottom line,…

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