The unlocked, Virtue 4.0 8Gb smartphone from Figo Features dual sim card slots, making it possible to utilize each slot for a different phone number; help avoid roaming charges and eliminate the need to purchase a second phone. The display of the Virtue 4.0 Features a 800 x 480 resolution along with a pixel density of 233Ppi and support for up to 16 million colors. With the enhanced pixel density and vast array of Supported colors, you can view your movies, photos, and more in a whole new way.

3 thoughts on “Figo Virtue 4.0 – Unlocked Dual Sim Smartphone – GSM Unlocked (Green)

  1. Mayra Martinez says:

    and then my backup phone (a cheap Chinese phone) decided to start dying too – talk about bad luck. To introduce myself, I had a Samsung Galaxy S2 that decided to die on me last month, and then my backup phone (a cheap Chinese phone) decided to start dying too – talk about bad luck. . . .I’m looking to get a new high ticket phone which is coming out within the next few months, but I need something to get by and to act as a backup phone when I do make that purchase, so after some searching I decided on this one. I listen to a lot of music on my phone, read email, do some text messaging, social media, and occasionally watch videos on Youtube or use GPS to find some place I’ve never visited before. All in all, I’m a fairly gentle phone user but I also have some tech savvy to form a useful opinion. When I looked up info on the Virtue 4.0, I was able to find specs but not many useful reviews, so I tried to be as thorough writing this as possible.Performance: The MediaTek chip and 512GB of RAM in this phone might not be impressive compared to a flagship phone, but for…

  2. Caved says:

    Love my Figo! I bought this phone in white from Amazon a few months ago. I started using it with my AT&T sim card. You have two slots in this unlocked phone so when I travel I buy a cheap pay as you go sim card in other countries and I am local wherever I go. This is a fabulous phone. It does everything the IPhone does without the huge cost. I am now with T-mobile. I have high speed unlimited talk and text, and 2.5GB data. If you go over a certain point in data usage your speed just slows a bit. I don’t even notice it. It comes with NAVIGATION, TALK TO TEXT, RADIO, VOICE SEARCH, ALARM CLOCK, anything I may need. I just speak to it and it goes where I need it to. I will continue to buy Figo cell phones and am looking at a new one now, so I can give my Mom my Figo Virtue to use with her account. Figo is the ONE product that is AFFORDABLE, UP TO DATE, FUNCTIONAL, AND CAN GO TO ANY CARRIER OUT THERE!! Save yourself some big bucks and get the unlocked Figo phones and give up the high cost providers…

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