Honor 5X puts the future in the palm of your hand. The sleek, Robust housing is made with four metal finishing processes making the diamond-polished, aircraft-aluminum body is perfectly ergonomic. A faster and more Accurate fingerprint sensor improves as you use it, unlocking your phone in half a second. You can even tap the fingerprint sensor to take photos and selfies. Being connected has never been easier. Honor 5X features a nano-sim, Micro-SIM, and a microSD card slot for extra storage up to 128GB. The unlocked LTE smartphone works with any GSM network with automatic band switching technology to deliver a stronger signal. The beautiful 5.5-Inch, full HD screen is bright even in the glaring sun. Plus, Honor 5X comes with a high-transparency screen protector to keep your display scratch free. No phone is complete without an excellent camera. Honor 5X sports a cutting-edge 13MP camera that can capture high-quality images in a variety of different shooting scenarios. It features a wide F2.0 aperture, 28 mm wide angle Lens with five elements, Blue glass infrared filter, and Macro mode for Close-Up shots from just a few centimeters away.

3 thoughts on “Honor 5X unlocked smartphone, 16GB Sunset Gold (US Warranty)

  1. Vine Invite please 907 says:

    and this is by far my favorite, some people don’t like the stock UI but … I’ve had every budget smartphone out, every BLU, MOTO, Sony experia, nexus 5, nexus 6, and this is by far my favorite, some people don’t like the stock UI but i think its something new and interesting, downloading Google Now is a must, stock launcher does not have an app drawer . The finger print scanner works seamlessly into the design and functionality, It took me a day to remember to set my finger on the back and it takes .0000005 seconds to read the print to unlock the phone. The screen is super bright and crisp, the only downside is the black border around the display, but its hardly noticeable. The Honor 5X is hands down the best budget phone on the market, it hasn’t lagged out on me once and i haven’t had an app crash yet. Metal body is smooth and could pass for a HTC A9, I still don’t know how this phone is only $199.00, Usually big companies cut corners on budget smart phones as i have found out first hand. the Moto G looks like your playing minecraft with the screen…

  2. Wilfred says:

    The first ‘real’ budget phone that’s worth the money OVERVIEWThe Huawei Honor 5x is the first of its kind. It’s not a game changer in terms of the latest and the greatest. It’s a game changer in that it’s the first ‘real’ low cost phone that has a metal body, large battery, beautiful screen, fingerprint reader, decent cameras, and a decent processor.For the longest time, phone makers reserved metal smartphones and fingerprint readers for their ‘flagship’ models. Only those who pay $600+ (un-subsidized) would have the luxury of accessing those new features. The Huawei Honor 5x was designed to disrupt that philosophy.For reference, my previous phones were:Nexus 5Oneplus OneOneplus TwoNexus 5xVALUEAt a very low $200 price point at launch, the Honor 5x is currently one of the best values in terms of specs, features, build material and support. To get to that price point, Huawei had to cut back on a few things like NFC, a faster…

  3. Adrian B. says:

    Best phone for $200 but not perfect. My whole family has one now. Bravo Huawei keep up the good work! I want to start off by saying I have owned a wide variety of phones and this phone has the fewest bugs on its release date that I have ever dealt with. I have a lot of respect for how quick Huawei has been releasing security patches and Enhancement updates. Huawei has also promised to release Marshmallow and EMUI4 in the near future. The day the phone was released Huawei pushed out a security patch. Huawei is also in the process of pushing out an Enhancements software update that includes Android security patch level for January 2016, Updated honor icons and Additional enhancements (Firmware Version KIW-L24C567B140). More information can be found Club Hihonor forums. Not to mention that the phone has only been release for a month from the time of this review. Bravo Huawei keep up the good work!Update: 24 hours after writing the review the update was released.Before I get into the actual review I would like to add that Huawei is asking for customer feedback and…

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