2 thoughts on “LG G Flex D950 Titan Siver 32GB 6″ Curved OLED Display 4G LTE Unlocked Smartphone

  1. michael says:

    NOT COMPATIBLE WITH T-MOBILE/METROPCS ON 4G LTE & 3g. buyer beware,i ordered this one (lg g flex D950) but instead they sent me the lg g flex L23 version which will not work on metropcs.stupid right?i don’t even know why these suckers will sell the l23 in the States when it wont even work on US 4g lte.even after i did some apn changes i only got G connection.and still no connection to internet.i could only call, text and recieve.oh and, i contacted electro deals and they dont even care torespond back lolas for phone perfomance,the OS is fast with no lagging as you swipe through screens.because of its curved display the ppi’s resolution is very ‘grainy’you could literally see the super tiny dots that make up the low720 display.as you swipe through screens or rotate the screen, it leaves thea ‘shadow’ from the previous screen! but you can barely see…overall, this is the worlds first curve display…

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