Product InformationThis LG Exceed 2 runs on Android operating system and offers useful features, including GPS, Speakerphone, Touchscreen. The smartphone comes in black color and it is powered by a reliable processor, ensuring stable performance. This LG phone has 4.5 in. display providing clear visuals. In addition, the LG Exceed 2 features a convenient 5.0 MP camera, so you can capture images wherever you go and store them on 4 GB of memory space.Network Type: CDMA

3 thoughts on “LG Optimus Exceed 2 (Verizon Prepaid)

  1. Amazon Customer "corgi's rule" says:

    Excellent phone for the price! First I have to admit that I have owned cell phones since they have first come out so you know I am up there in years but I’m a tech junkie to this day! My last cell may have been my worst, the Samsung Galaxy S3. The battery was shot within a year. I had many nicer phones before that but that was my first one when I switched to prepaid service. BTW, I will never go back to contracts again! Why should you when you get the same service and connectivity with prepaid?The LG Optimus Exceed 2 impressed right out of the box. Huge screen, super thin and light weight. Feels good in the hand but it seems very easy to hit the screen on button. I’ve got a case coming, maybe that will help with that matter. A double tap on the screen turns it on and the same turns it off so the button is only needed to shut it off and on anyway.With Android Kitkat, this phone is fast! I’ve only just begun to dig into it and learn what it’s capable of. I’ve had the phone all of two days. I…

  2. Alan Houston says:

    Good 3G Phone For Verizon Prepaid Customers, With Limited App Storage The Exceed 2 is a good choice for prepaid Verizon customers, one of the best 3G phones Verizon sells with NO contract required. Its $50 price at “Big Box” stores makes it a “Best Buy”. It has a nice 4.5 inch screen in a light and compact body. It has the new Android Kitkat 4.4.2 software that few premium phones have. The Exceed 2 is locked to Verizon. A slightly different version, the LG L70, is available to MetroPcs customers. The Exceed 2 looks like a much more expensive phone. Two weak areas: the very slow 3G data speeds on the Verizon network, and very limited memory for apps and games.Verizon stores and “Big Box” stores often sell the Exceed 2 for $50 or $70, which makes it a terrific bargain. It offers 90% of the features of $500 phones for 10% of their price.The Exceed 2 is only 3G, not 4G, which will limit its ability to stream videos unless you are connected to wifi. The Verizon 3G speeds are usually fast enough to stream Pandora Radio…

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