LG Volt2 is the flexible smartphone for you. Its ergonomic design delivers an easy, comfortable grip and improved voice & sound quality. The 5″ HD IPS touchscreen display transforms traditional smartphone viewing into a cinematic experience. The 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor delivers seamless performance, power and efficiency. The 5MP front facing camera allows you to take hands-free selfies with gesture shot. Enjoy all the features of the LG Volt2 on boost mobile and sprint’s nationwide network.

2 thoughts on “LG Volt 2 Gray No-Contract Phone (Virgin Mobile)

  1. Angie Alnidawi says:

    There is a lot that I like about the Volt 2 There is a lot that I like about the Volt 2, but it’s not a five star phone due to the speaker and voice quality.When I talk on the phone I have a difficult time hearing the people that I’m talking to, and sometimes my voice isn’t clear when talking to them. I’ve been able to work around this problem by using a set of earbuds with a mic 90% of the time. This works for me for the most part because I almost always have my earbuds in anyway. I live in a state with hands-free laws, and I spend most of my day listening to podcasts, music or watching videos. Since my earbuds are in most of the time, it’s not usually a problem to use them for my calls. However, it is a PITA at times to try to grab my earbuds and get them plugged in if I’ve had them out for something. I often wish I could just grab my phone and answer it and have a clear conversation like a normal person. However, since I got this on Amazon for $60 when I needed to replace a phone cheaply in an emergency. I’ve…

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