3 thoughts on “Moto G – Boost Mobile Prepaid Phone (Boost)

  1. Mike says:

    Best Value Smart Phone Ever Made. Period. If you do your homework you will see the specifications on this phone blow away any phone in it’s price range.If you want to take a step up and have 4g lte, for $100 more, you could go with an LG Optimus f7. For $200, that is the best phone at that price range by far.But this phone rivals that phone in most regards except video camera definition (720 vs. 1080) and the LG offers an SD slot for added phone memory. I do think the MOTO G has a better picture display than the f7. But it is very close. Plus I like the MOTO G’s quad core 1200 processor over the LG’s 1500 dual core. But the difference, again, is negligible.Personally, after doing extensive research, comparing phones and using this phone, I could never justify $500+ for a galaxy 4 or Iphone 5s when I could have this phone for $100. Don’t get me wrong, those phones are AMAZING phones, but the value isn’t there like it is with the MOTO G.With that being said, I do not need 4g and I…

  2. Eric Mas says:

    Moto G is the best phone I ever had I just got this phone to replace my 2 year old HTC 4 G Evo Design. I bought it based on the reviews I read and despite that it is only 3 G. For $99.00, I thought let’s buy it and will see. Got it this week and I am so happy with it. THIS IS THE BEST PHONE I EVER HAD. It blows always my previous SAMSUNG GALAXY 2 and HTC 4G EVO DESIGN. The design, the interface, the speed are amazing. I like also how intuitive is the menu and how Motorola had customize it. It also had a FM radio that is working so well. And the 3G on this phone is faster that my 4 G on my HTC. Doesn’t make sense to me, but I can listen Internet music while driving and it never get cut off. When my older phone was on either 3 G or 4G, I always had time with no reception. The battery is very good. Just try the camera and its quality is fine. It is 5MP and it is not as good as an iPhone or new Samsung, but iPhone or Galaxy S5 is 5 time the price of this phone. I also forgot to mention that the sound quality…

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