Stay connected with this AT&T Nokia Lumia 520 mobile phone, which features 4G speed for rapid data transfer. The color touch screen with 800 x 480 resolution simplifies navigation and offers a clear view of photos, videos, documents, messages and more.

3 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone (AT&T)

  1. Nic says:

    What a surprise in such a cheap package! Given the MSRP for this phone, you have to set some expectations. But then you realize it doesn’t carry a 2-year agreement. You can use this phone out of the box on an AT&T Prepaid (GoPhone) line or on AT&T postpaid (contract) plans. It comes with a Micro SIM card and GoPhone activation kit in the box.It performs great! I’ve owned a Lumia 920, HTC 8x, Lumia 822, and a few older WP7 devices. This, just like any other Windows Phone, feels smooth and fluid throughout. Sometimes when a larger operation (filtering a photo, opening a big app) takes place, you will notice a “Resuming…” screen for a split second. Otherwise, it’s every bit as smooth as any other Windows Phone. You can’t really say that about an Android device at this price point.Pros1) Price! This phone can be used as a daily driver, backup phone, “I dropped my other phone in the toilet and I’m not due for an upgrade” phone, or even just a device you use with WiFi only.2) The…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    Great off contract phone at a steal of a price. I had an iPhone 5 a year ago and then it got stolen. I can’t afford to buy another iPhone because it is off contract with AT&T and even the iPhone 4s would cost me over $350 off contract. I’ve been curious about Windows Phone 8 and thought this would be a good way to try it out. It is a Go Phone ( marketed for prepaid plans), but if you already have an AT&T post paid phone plan, simply swap in your own SIM card and it will work right out of the box with your current phone number and plan (If you have a larger SIM card you can buy a SIM cutter for under $5 and it should work fine).I purchased this Nokia Lumia 520 phone from Amazon in mid-august 2013 (about 8 weeks ago). Anyways, I figured that for $100, I could try out WP8 operating system and if I didn’t like it it would be not much of a risk or loss to me. So far, I have been really, really happy with it. It is pretty much equivalent in performance and specs to the iPhone 4s. With the Lumia 520, you lose the front camera…

  3. MDMac says:

    This phone is a steal I’ve been waiting for a phone like this for a long time – that is, a reasonably-priced, no-contract device that does not have to apologize on quality, performance, or style. I’m no technophobe (I work in an IT related field) but I’ll admit it, I’m a cheapskate. I’m not interested in putting a large amount of my paycheck towards a fancy phone or unlimited-everything contract. By managing my phone use and relying on wi-fi as much as possible, I can get all the calls, texts and cellular data I need for 10 bucks a month. The problem is, there hasn’t been a good selection of phones that give me the performance I want, at the price I’m willing to pay. That’s where the Nokia 520 comes in! I give it 5 stars not because it’s necessarily a perfect phone or OS, but because the value here is incredible. I can see why this is being snapped up all over the world. A lot of reviewers have commented that it’s a good…

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