Product Features Entry 4G Windows 8 Smartphone 4? WVGA LCD display 5MP Camera – Snap creative photos with built-in digital lenses Dual Core (1GHz) Processor Listen to your favorite songs with Nokia Music Dimensions Size (LWH): 2.5 inches, 0.4 inches, 4.9 inches Weight: 4.48 ounces Product Features Network Compatibility: GSM

3 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 521 T-Mobile Cell Phone – White

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    Great Phone – AMAZING price! Let me first start of by saying, this is an amazing phone! I bought it as a cheap entry into Windows Phone 8, and I’m completely blown away. I wasn’t expecting this. This phone was going to be something I use as a backup, but I’m currently using this as my daily driver, and I love it!Let me also say, that I’m not new to the world of smart phones. I consider myself a techie enthusiast that buys and tries new phones / tech every few months or so. I’ve been on every phone carrier, and tried every platform except for WP8 (until now). I’ve also picked up every iPhone released (1st gen to iPhone 5), and I’m HEAVILY invested in Google services. I’ve had the last 3 generations of Galaxy S devices, tried many of the Verizon Droid line devices (X, Droid, Droid2). My most recent love has been the pureness of the LG Nexus 4. The fact that I’m impressed with this budget device is no small thing.Pros:-Fantastic Battery Life – (Appears to hold its charge while on stand…

  2. Carrie says:

    Don’t Let Inexpensive Fool You – This Phone is Packed With Features Including WiFi Calling & Tethering ORIGINAL REVIEW:I thought about waiting on the Lumia 925, but after reading how much the Lumina 521 has to offer, I decided that since I tend to change phones about every 2 years, it made more sense to go with the phone that was lighter on my wallet. After finding that my local WalMart had one phone left, I snagged it and haven’t regretted my purchase one bit.What I love about the phone:1. WiFi calling (set up instructions below) – calls are clear, but calls don’t hand off to cellular network if you step outside of your WiFi range2. Tethering Capable (must add to your plan as a separate service, but no charge)3. MicroSD slot (up to 64GB)4. Camera is touch adjustable5. Adjustable font size6. Ability to have a high contrast screen (for those with poor eyesight or someone who wants a cool looking screen)7. Transfer My Data App makes switching phones super easy – even transfers text messages8. All of the Nokia app…

  3. J. Martinez says:

    It has no equal in the value catagory In terms of price/performance this one is off the charts. It completes nicely with phones costing 3x as much. If you are looking for a high quality low price phone this is it. If this phone has weaknesses, I had to search hard to find them. I will get to the cons in a minute but this is a well thought out well constructed phone.First off, I will say that I use an iPhone 4S as a business phone. I am an IT professional and have used blackberry and droid phones and have touched many different devices so I have quite a bit of experience with what is out there. While I like the iPhone ok, I wanted something different then everyone else and heard great things about the new Windows 8 phones and decided to give them a try. I don’t want to spend a bunch on a phone because I swap my phone out every year and have T-mobile’s no contract family plan. My old phone gets passed down to my kids. My personal phone was a Sammy. I like the flexibility of the Android phones vs the…

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