The revolutionary Galaxy S5 from Verizon is ALSO unlocked for all GSM carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. This smartphone is 4G LTE capable and offers the most excellent viewing experience a smartphone can offer. Its FHD Super AMOLED display is brighter with more clarity.

3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 G900V Verizon 4G LTE Smartphone w/ 16MP Camera – Black – Verizon

  1. Spittfyre says:

    Excellent Samsung phone A stellar phone compared to many out there on the market. It is slightly bigger than the S4, but not much difference. It is incredibly fast, very light and has removable battery and storage (for music, movies, etc.); I had a 64gb Samsung micro SD card installed with plenty of movies.The battery is great depending on what your doing and how your settings are on the phone. It can last anywhere between a whole day to two days; again, this all depends on your usage and settings. If you want, you can always buy an additional battery and just switch it out; that’s one of the biggest pro’s of having this phone. It also charges extremely fast with the new charging cable.The screen is amazing and crystal clear; by default comes saturated with bright colors that pop out at you; very nice. I have an iPhone 6 and you can tell the difference between the screens. If the color is too saturated for you, there are settings under the display menu that can tone it down a little or even…

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