World’s First Smartphone to feature Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a 4.65″ HD Super AMOLED display.amazing HD screen and 4G LTE fast.Included Accessories: Power adapter, Power adapter.Limited Warranty period (parts and labor): 90 days

2 thoughts on “Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus 16GB (Unlocked)

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    Incredible smartphone, best Android device ever Simply put, this is the best Android device ever.Pros:1. Incredibly sexy: thin but not too thin, slightly contoured, more rigid than other Samsung Android devices thanks to the internal metal frame2. Large, bright, detailed screen. However it doesn’t come off as huge due to minimal bezel and the use of the bottom portion of the screen for contextual soft-keys. The screen uses a pentile-matrix configuration, but the pixel density is so good that you really can’t notice unless you look very closely and even then it’s difficult to tell. The blacks melt into to the bezel beautifully and the colors pop.3. You get the very latest version of Android, with instant updates from Google. I have grown to despise carrier/OEM UI skins and their accompanying OS update delays. The Android 4.0 UI is a huge upgrade and behaves much much better, making such carrier/OEM skins even less desirable. The interface seems to have been reworked from the ground up for smooth,…

  2. Leandro Cassa says:

    Android 4 rocks! Let ms try to briefly explain my 3 months of Galaxy Nexus.The phone is fast, responds very well to touch (indeed the best I’ve experienced on an Android device). The loud speakers are poor and sometimes I fell the ear speaker could be louder.The mic does not have noise reduction, I used to have a Motorola Droid and I could speak at the subway that the person on the otherside would hear me as if I was locked in my room.The phone is very light and although is big, it is not uncomfortable holding or putting into you pocket. Probably because its quite slima as well.The screen is big, bright, beautiful and somehow avoids a lot of finger print. The phone might get a bit warm if you abuse 3G (really abuse!Im not talking about syncing your services or using social networks).Both cameras do a great job and are very very fast without losing quality or resolution (again, the fastest phone camera I’ve ever seem).Baterry holds with no…

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