Stolen - Official HD Trailer with Nicolas Cage (Review)

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17 thoughts on “Stolen – Official HD Trailer with Nicolas Cage (Review)

  1. tntman34 says:

    I’m kinda wondering what’s going on in this world, when Nick Cage is famous. “Suppose a man who aspires nobody, can not act and has no emotions play in our summer blockbuster!” Great fucking idea.

  2. DynamixWarePro says:

    I’m not too interested in this movie, I may see it, but probably not in the cinema anyway, maybe on DVD when it comes out on it. Of the, what I can see, unknown / not good actors to make a great movie, but only time will tell.

  3. 666chaox666 says:

    I’m not really interested by this film. It looks like they took pieces from other movies and in a. This reminds me of Tower Heist actually. = Only without humor and with Nick Cage /

  4. WombatVlogs says:

    This trailer Comments are a good idea – it will be interesting to see how your comment on the trailer to your full paper compares, after the movie is released.

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