Waterproof Your iPhone (NO CASE): Liquipel CES 2012

Heres a crazy way on how to waterproof your favorite device inside and out without a case! www.liquipel.com Dont forget to Like this video and follow me on Twitter: Twitter.com

25 thoughts on “Waterproof Your iPhone (NO CASE): Liquipel CES 2012

  1. Hayaserforeveer says:

    start buying LIQUIPEL stock from now….
    AAPL in 2003 = lil over $7/share
    AAPL in 2012 = $600/share
    in 2000-2001 everyone thought Apple would crash and burn in the end, SJ proved everyone wrong and now Apple is a conglomerate of sorts. start buying stock in LIQUIPEL, guaranteed it will be backed by Apple, Samsung, HTC and others and when the IPO hits…cha chiiiiiing motherf**keeeeers :))))

  2. silvanojr says:

    water resistant means that water will not soak through your (Eg. coat) right away but after a while water will start to soak through. Water resistant material are like winter jackets and stuff. They have a protective layer but are not meant for hardcore snow/rain.
    On the other hand water proof means that no water will ever get in. Like a water proof camera or watch. These items are meant to go under water and are perfectly protected against H2O.

  3. C00lman555 says:

    he kind of avoided the question about the ports on the outside. Form what I understand, they don’t cover the ports but cover everything else. Then, the water is left to evaporate in the ports, which, well, in salt water, will corrode the port away.

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