Easily upgrade the PlayStation 4’s hard-drive space up to 2TB. The Data Bank for the PlayStation 4 allows the use of a 3.5″ hard drive to be used as internal storage instead of the stock 2.5″ hard drive that comes pre-installed on the system. 3.5″ drives are less expensive at higher capacities than the 2.5″ drive inherently supported by the PS4. Typically 3.5″ also have a higher read/write speed than 2.5″ drives which may slightly improve load times in many games. The unit also includes a front facing LED indicator which illustrates when the PlayStation 4 is accessing or saving content from the hard drive. The Data Bank is powered by a built-in power pass-through cord so it does not require its own power outlet. With Data Bank installed the PS4’s internal memory can be expanded up to 2TB, drastically increasing the amount of games and save files that can be saved on the system. Installing the Data Bank is easy and takes only a few minutes. After backing up your saved games simply remove the top cover of the PS4 and the internal 2.5″ drive by removing one screw via the included screw driver. Slide the included SATA adapter into place, replace the screw and then snap the Data Bank onto the top of the PS4. Once installed, insert any compatible 3.5″ drive into the Data Bank and attach the Data Banks’s drive cover. The last step is to plug the Data Bank’s power pass-through cord into the PS4 and then plug the PS4’s power cord into the Data Bank. Detailed instructions on how to back up and transfer PS4 save files, Data Bank installation and how to initialize the PS4 firmware on a new drive are included in the box. Nyko recommends only using up to 2TB drives at this time as drives larger than 2TB could cause issues with Rest Mode and other features.

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  1. R. Rodriguez says:

    Do Your Research, You’ll Come Out Very Happy! Let me start off by saying that you, as a customer, must do your research when adding any hardware accessory that modifies the function of your PS4. Most reviews criticizing this unit for not allow you to use a hard drive with 5/6 TB’s is not the limitation of this accessory, it’s a limitation of the PS4. Will higher capacity drives work? Yes, but there’s exception to the functions of your PS4, which is not permeated by this Nyko accessory, but by the PS4 operating system itself.I believe Nyko could have done a better job educating the consumer in it’s boxing/manual perhaps, however, I feel this is the responsibility of the consumer to research this prior to any modification to their console. It’s like someone jail breaking their iPhone, but they don’t know the potential negative affects of doing so, because they didn’t do their research beforehand.This accessory, essentially, allows you to use a standard 3.5 desktop hard drive. Currently, I use a 4TB SSHD…

  2. Koneesha says:

    6 TB Hard Drive Works Great (If you know what to do) [TIPS Within] I purchased this enclosure in order to upgrade my ps4 to a 6TB hard drive.The enclosure comes in some pretty nice packaging, and is easy to get out.The instructions are pretty clear and precise, and installation was a breeze.Once installed, I loaded up my ps4 with new firmware, and all worked well.At first I kept my playstation in rest mode, and had issues turning it back on, but after searching on the internet I found a solution that will allow you to use rest mode without the ps4 going into safe mode all the time.TIPSUsing Rest Mode with 6TB Hard Drive Rest mode can be used with larger hard drives but when turning it on you must physically press the power button, and hold it for about 6 seconds. If you turn on the ps4 this way it will not boot into the safe mode asking you to reinstall the firmware. About 99% of the time I do it this way my ps4 will turn on fine, and any game that was downloaded in rest…

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