Bring all your favor game save point with this memory card

2 thoughts on “Hyperkin PS1 Memory Card (1MB)

  1. Miguel S. says:

    Works Great on PS2!! (PS2 Guide) This product works just as fine a the official memory cards that Sony produces. Though many people complain about an issue where slimline PS2 consoles do not read the card for formatting on the browser, there is an easy solution to this.What has to be done is, upon opening the package for your card, you must NOT plug it in to your PS2 (to avoid corruption). First, boot your PS2 with your chosen copy of a Playstation 1 disc and wait for the console to load. Once the game boots, you can insert your memory card into the console and save whenever you are prompted to do so. The game will ask you to format the card before saving and will be read by the PS2 browser after formatting with this method.Sony purposefully made the PS2 consoles to not work with unformatted cards that were not made by their companies, rendering 3rd party card like these useless. But that’s why I am here to help those get the best out of this product. If the memory card was formatted before…

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