nintendo 64 consoleNintendo first dabbled in video games during the industry’s early years of the mid-’70s. Generations of successful gaming console releases through the years led to the much-hyped 1996 launch of Nintendo 64, a system that represented a giant evolutionary leap in video game technology. Within the first three days of launch, hundreds of thousands of gamers hunkered down with Mario 64, considered by many to be one of the greatest video games ever created. Even today, the system’s excellent design continues to host an ever-expanding library of breakthrough games.

Nintendo 64’s popularity among younger gamers is no surprise. Well-respected games featuring such long-lived and much-loved personalities as Mario (of arcade classic Donkey Kong fame), Zelda, and Banjo-Kazooie are easy to learn and offer enormous replay value. But times are a’ changin’ and the system’s ever-growing library of titles has expanded into every genre of games imaginable, including games better-suited for older gamers. In fact, some of the most acclaimed–in some cases, groundbreaking–games available on any platform today are packed onto N64’s old-school cartridges.

Under the system’s hood, its appeal to the young certainly didn’t produce a less mature gaming machine. On the contrary, the 64-bit system boasts impressive graphics, stereo sound, and numerous accessory enhancements, including a high-resolution pack that boosts graphics to awe-inspiring resolutions.

Start your library with Goldeneye 007, Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, and Star Wars: Episode One Racer–these titles represent a decent start to any N64 cartridge library.

With the recent launch of Sega’s Dreamcast system, Nintendo 64 is being left behind as the leader in video game technology. And with newer game systems featuring CD-based games, the system’s expensive cartridge format is proving itself an archaic and unconventional storage format. But, at a sub-$100 recommended retail price, innovative accessory enhancements and a great library of games keep the system’s rabid fan base satisfied, if not eager for Nintendo’s next evolutionary step. –Eric Twelker

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  1. Robert Evans "Robert" says:

    One of the best consoles of its time The Nintendo 64 in my opinion was the best console Nintendo ever made(and yes I did own a SNES for a very long time untill it died on me)and it is in my mind better then the nintendo gamecube. The console came out around 1996 and launched some amazing games that I’m going to get into in just abit but first let me say that this is also one of my favorite consoles, it had great games, the quality and quantity were magneficent and just about everything about this console is great now how does it sum up?Sound-Some good some bad but in the end it was acctually far more worse then the Playstation(the first of course)which was such a huge let down for some of the Nintendo fans, I mean I’ll be honest it was so mushy in some games it’s not even funny! It’s a shame cause most of the sound is what brings scores down for games in the gaming industry(seriously it does)but for me the amazing games just make up for itGraphics-Um……..were all of you as shocked as I was…

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