Sony PlayStation 2 original version console Black. System includes Analog controller. AV Cable, AC Power Cord. System is equipped with: one S400 iLink connector. Two USB connectors. DVD Player software that is compatible with the SCPH-10171. DVD remote control. System is capable of running audio CD’s. DVD videos with the NTSC designation and and CD-ROMs that have PlayStation or PlayStation 2 logos.The PlayStation2 is equipped with a 128-bit Emotion Engine processor that enables lightning-fast gameplay and impressive graphics power. The console builds on its home entertainment value by doubling as a DVD player and accommodating most of the original PlayStation’s vast library of games. PS2 is known for its excellent selection of titles for the older gamer.

3 thoughts on “Playstation 2 Console – Black

  1. comebackking1 says:

    Playstation 2 is good, but not GOD!!! First off let me start by saying, this is NOT going to be a PS2 bashing. Though we all have our opinions on the three systems, the fact is that they are all great systems in their own right. That is to say you won’t go wrong no matter which one you choose.Let me reiterate, this is not a bad system. It has several great games (Final Fantasy X & X2, Grand Theft Auto, WWE Smackdown Series and several others). Though it must be noted that Gamecube and XBox both have great exclusive titles. The graphics are outstanding and they may not even be the best of the three, but they are great, certainly better than anything we had just a few short years ago. They definitely have more benefits than everybody else (free online gaming, the Eyetoy, and more games. As far as controllers go, I like Gamecube’s a bit better, but this controller works wonderfully well too and is well laid out. (You won’t be searching for the buttons like you do on XBox controllers, that is my one true…

  2. JL "J" says:

    Consider this before buying a PS2 within the next 2 months The Playstation 2 is, without a doubt, one of the best video game systems of all time. It has such a diverse library of games that you are bound to find something to apease everybody. So why am I giving it 4 stars instead of 5?There are two factors about the current PS2 design that you won’t find anywhere on the box. The first is reliability/quality of design. My first PS2 broke 2 weeks after I bought it. It started making a quiet rattling noise while the games were playing, so I would check the games when I heard the noise and they would be fine… well one day they weren’t fine. In fact, Blockbuster wasn’t amused when I told them my PS2 lacerated the bottom of their disc like a Cat from Pet Cemetary. That’s one experience right?My friend is on her 3rd PS2 (keep in mind the PS2 has only been out for about 4 to 5 years). Another couple I know is experiencing their first problem with their PS2 2 years after they bought it. It won’t play any discs that are black…

  3. Thomas Palmer says:

    What’s the difference? I’ve owned my PS2 for a couple of years now, and I have used it a lot primarily for sports games but also for DVD playing. I have also played X-Box and Gamecube fairly extensively.First, unless you need Mario to live, don’t waste your money on Game Cube. The controller is aweful and its has no DVD playback. Further, the graphics are good, not great, and the processor is very reliable and fast.Between X-Box and PS2 there is not a huge difference. X-Box probably has better graphics, a faster processor, and more features, but it freezes way to often. The revised controller (ie the smaller one) is a marked improvement over the original bulky one, but it still does not compare to the perfect controller that Sony has designed. Overall, in terms of games there is not a huge difference, but it seems that X-Box has released a few better ones like Halo but the difference is marignal if at all.In the end, I chose PS2. It is cheaper and has a better controller for sports…

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