At just an inch wide and half the weight of the original, the new PlayStation 2 is a powerfully sleek console that’s as easy to carry as a hardcover book. It plays every PS and PS2 game in existence, in addition to CDs and DVDs. And comes with a built-in Ethernet so it’s ready to play right out of the box.

3 thoughts on “PlayStation 2 Console – Silver

  1. A. Steele "Andrew" says:

    Playstation 2… money well spent Well today I was just curiously reading through the ps2’s low review ratings and I read a couple of things that i found interesting. for starters i’ll tell you about my experiences with ps2s. I bought my first ps2 from an EB games in june of 2001 when i was 13 so it was about 8 months after the north american release on the system. And to this day, I’ve never had any real issues with my ps2 it still plays games and dvds well to this day. the only problem i ever had with it was it wouldnt play the older blue back discs but this was due to a lens focus problem. which is an easy fix if youre comfortable with taking your ps2 apart. also there were complaints with the durability and longevity of the ps2 and my comment on that is my ps2 has been dropped, pulled off my tv stand, sat in the trunk of my car in the middle of winter, got all wet while i was carrying from my car to my house in the rain, has been on for days at a time in the middle of august on the hottest of days and never…

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