Essential equipment for your 3D gaming experience, the PlayStation® 3D Glasses fully immerse you in the heat of gameplay.  These lightweight, stylish, and ergonomic glasses are a product of PlayStation® innovation, featuring lenses that are universally* compatible with ACTIVE 3D TVs and have built-in USB rechargeable batteries that keep the intensity going non-stop.  The unique design minimizes 3D crosstalk and reduces “ghosting” effects.  And with best-in-class ACTIVE 3D quality, you are officially prepared for battle.  Prepare to enter true PlayStation® 3D.

* Compatible with Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and Sharp ACTIVE Shutter 3D ready displays

PlayStation 3D glasses are universal Active Shutter 3D glasses designed to optimize the PlayStation Stereoscopic 3D experience for gaming, movies and other visual content. The glasses are designed for use paired with the PlayStation 3D display, but their universal design also makes them compatible with most Active Shutter 3D displays for viewing of high definition 3D content.* The glasses also feature exclusive SimulView technology for local co-op and competitive multiplayer gaming scenarios.** Additional features include: a lightweight design, 30-hour rechargeable batteries and minimized crosstalk distortion.

PlayStation 3D glasses Unleash true PlayStation stereoscopic 3D for gaming, movies and more.
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Compete in True PlayStation Stereoscopic 3D

Essential equipment for your 3D gaming experience, the universal PlayStation 3D glasses fully immerse players in the heat of gameplay like they never thought possible. The glasses offer best-in-class Active 3D quality and built-in USB rechargeable batteries. PlayStation 3D glasses are optimized to sync seamlessly with the PlayStation 3D display (sold separately), but their universal design makes them compatible with a variety of Active Shutter 3D displays.*

PlayStation 3D glasses in packaging Best-in-class 3D quality designed for use with the PlayStation 3D display, but also compatible with other Active Shutter 3D displays.
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Active Shutter 3D technology offers superior image quality over competing Passive 3D technologies by means of the differing processes executed within them. Both technologies create the illusion of depth by slightly altering what users’ eyes are exposed to. Passive 3D glasses block different kinds of emitted light from reaching each eye. The result is a 3D effect, but since certain light data has been omitted — which can equate to up to half of the available lines of resolution — this effect can not reach the level of true 1080p HD. Active 3D on the other hand does not omit light sources from the spectrum, instead producing its 3D effect through a subtle dimming process of the individual lenses. PlayStation 3D glasses manage this effect seamlessly through their infrared connectivity. The result is a superior 3D effect, at full HD quality. Infrared connections between glasses and the PS3, as well as other 3D processes are kept constant through the glasses 30-hour rechargeable battery life.

SimulView Technology Improves the 2-player Gaming Experience

Fans of co-op and competitive gaming modes are intimately familiar with local split-screen multiplayer functionality, which literally splits the visible display area of a single TV used in offline play to show the differing actions of individual players participating in the same game, at the same physical location. As advantageous as this is for group play, the quality of even the sharpest of HD television displays is compromised by the halving of the viewable area. SimulView Technology does away with this issue by enabling two players in a supported game to see their actions in-game displayed at full-screen.*** (The full requirement for the effect are: a PlayStation 3D Display, 2 pairs of PlayStation 3D Glasses, a PS3 system, a PS3 game that supports SimulView, and two players) Built on the Active 3D glasses technology and specially enhanced for gaming, SimulView technology brings players deeper into the game than ever before while still sharing the experience with a friend. Notable games supporting SimulView technology include MotorStorm: Apocalypse, Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5, Super Stardust HD, with more titles in development and coming soon.


Best-in-class “Active” 3D quality delivers full HD playback without the resolution loss commonly experienced when using “Passive” 3D glasses Fully immersive vision universally compatible* with Active 3D TVs Lightweight, stylish design allows you to focus on the game with maximum comfort Minimizes possible 3D crosstalk distortions and reduces “ghosting” effects Built-in rechargeable batteries let you play up to 30 hours without interruption Optimized to sync seamlessly with the PlayStation 3D Display Exclusively supports SimulView technology allowing for full-screen. viewing of individual player/character actions during local 2-player game sessions** Dimensions: 3″ (w) x 7-1/8″ (h) x 2″(d) Product ships with: 3D glasses, Micro-USB cable, 3D glasses pouch and instruction manual * Compatible with Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and Sharp Active Shutter 3D ready displays that use IR emitters.
** The full list of requirements for the SimulView effect are: a PlayStation 3D Display, 2 pairs of PlayStation 3D Glasses, a PS3 system, a PS3 game that supports SimulView, and two players.
*** Playback in full (2D) HD, not 3D.

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    Comparison of Several Active Shutter Glasses I recently bought a Sony Bravia KDL-55NX720 which is 3d capable but comes without glasses. The 3d factor was of interest to me and being a bit of an electronics geek. I had to get 3d glasses and check it out. Rather than getting just one type of 3D glasses I decided to get 3 different compatible glasses and check them out. The three glasses I got are:Xpand X103Sony TDG-BR250PlayStation 3 3D GlassesI wear rimless bifocal lenses that are 32 mm tall. For comfort I would rank the glasses as follows:1. Sony TDG-BR2503. PlayStation 3D glasses3. Xpand X103All of the glasses worked over my prescription glasses but I found the Sony TDG-BR250 to fit over my glasses best and to be the most comfortable. I found the Xpand X103 the least comfortable though they are OK and I don’t really have an issue sitting through a movie. Based on other reviews, the comfort level varies quite a lot from viewer to viewer. Both the PlayStation…

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