Bundle Includes: black PlayStation4 System 500 GB, black DUALSHOCK4 Wireless Controller, AC Power Cord, HDMI Cable, Mono Headset, USB 2.0 Cable, LEGO Batman 3 in Amaray, Little Big Planet 3 Download Voucher. Experience the newest installments in the hit LEGO Batman videogame and LittleBigPlanet franchises together in this PlayStation 4 Black Friday edition bundle. In LEGO® Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, join the Caped Crusader and over 150 of your favorite DC Comics super heroes and villains as they journey across both familiar locales, like Gotham City, and mysterious ones, like the Lantern Worlds, in order to collect the Lantern Rings and stop the evil Brainiac from destroying the Earth. In LittleBigPlanet 3, explore a world filled with creativity as you explore all corners of the Imagisphere, meet the inhabitants of the mysterious planet Bunkum, and face the nefarious Newton. PlayStation Plus membership required (sold separately) to access online content.

3 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Black Friday Bundle – Lego Batman 3 and Little Big Planet 3

  1. Johnny Amazon® says:

    The Perfect PS4 Bundle for a Family or Younger Audience To parents and adults who are contemplating on buying a Playstation 4 for a younger family member or relative: If you were waiting to buy a PS4 but were not sure if the ecosystem would have enough children and family friendly games, then this is the bundle for you.The Playstation 4 is known primarily as a “mature” video game console, like the Xbox One, and very different from the Wii U. But don’t be fooled, it has its share of really good kids and family games. I would go as far to say it is more family and children friendly than the Xbox One, because here is a great example.It has many Lego games that are fun for the whole family, and the Lego Batman 3 game included is the latest in the Lego DC comics franchise. As with Lego games, this game is filled with fun and sly/cynical adult humor, but in a good, light-hearted way – nothing offensive.There is also the Lego Hobbit franchise, the Lego Marvell comics franchise, and the Lego movie game.And…

  2. Brett says:

    PLEASE READ FIRST Awesome deal. I had been waiting for a good time to buy a PS4 since it launched last year but I was holding out for a bundle of some sorts. I chose this over the GTA V and the Last of Us bundle because I had played GTA (perhaps too much) on my Xbox 360 and had no interest in getting it again.However, I was very excited to play Little Big Planet 3 and Lego Batman 3. I’ve been a fan of both since the first LBP and Lego games and these do not disappoint. Haven’t had much play time with Little Big Planet yet since I’ve been addicted to Lego Batman but from what I can tell, it plays just like a LBP game should play.Also I want to point out explicitly that it says right there on the box that Lego Batman 3 comes as a physical disc copy while you must DOWNLOAD Little Big Planet 3 with the included download code found in the plastic sleeve along with the quick start guides/etc.Please do not be mislead by some of the other reviewers saying they were cheated…

  3. CaTz_EyE says:

    Amazing Bundle on the PS4! I have been waiting for the best time to get a PS4. This is an amazing deal! I personally <3 LBP games from the PS3. My kids love playing them too. It's a big discount since both games would be $59.99 each! I cannot wait until this comes! It's a "Christmas" present for the kids but they're going to share it with me too. 😉 Now will I be able to stand the wait or will Santa come early this year...**Update** Well this was connected the night it was delivered. There was no waiting until Christmas for the PS4. It came with a $10 voucher for PlayStation Network. I downloaded the LittleBigPlanet 3 game. If you have played LittleBigPlanet games then you know that Stephen Fry has been the narrator. I was pleasantly surprised that Hugh Laurie does the voice for a main character in the new game. It's great that they're doing something else together. To get the PS4 with two games and a voucher for $399.99 is a great deal. The kids play LBP and other games I have...

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