Broadcast yourself in play with PlayStation Camera. Become a community sensation by adding a picture-in-picture video of yourself in gameplay live streams. Create and share narrated game walkthroughs in HD video and voice chat through four built-in microphones. Enjoy stunning new levels of immersion as the 3D depth-sensing camera and DUALSHOCK4 wireless controller’s light bar track player movements through space. Log in instantly with facial recognition and navigate PS4 system menu hands-free with voice inputs.

2 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Camera

  1. N. Bruce says:

    Decent camera seeking a compelling purpose. I picked up the Playstation 4 Camera alongside my PS4 and it was the first thing I tried out.After less than 24 hours it’s clear that the camera has a lot of potential but is still missing a compelling gaming function. The Playroom set of minigames that come with the camera are made by Double Fine, and are a lot of fun but very very short. You won’t get a ton of play out of them.The really nice feature is the facial auto-login and tracking to see who is holding what controller. Very quick and seamless.The sensor itself is only 720P, which is a bit of a disappointment, but its low light performance is surprisingly good. I used it with the lights off and just morning low light coming through the closed shades, and it seemed to report a much brighter room than the one I was sitting in. The image is fairly grainy, but it’s definitely serviceable. Suspect the choice to go with a 720P sensor was sothey could make larger cells that absorb more…

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