A new, simple and fun way to enjoy a universe of PlayStation games and entertainment with the entire family. Whether as a second console for your bedroom or the primary gaming system in your living room, PlayStation TV is an easy way for gamers of all ages and skill levels to enjoy playing games together.

A DUALSHOCK 3 or 4 controller (sold separately) is required.
PlayStation Now Service may not be available in all areas.

3 thoughts on “PlayStation TV

  1. James Thomas Jeans says:

    Good, with the potential to be great [UPDATED: 10/15/14] I think that I might genuinely love the PlayStation TV.That being the case, you might be wondering why I’ve given it a 3 star review. Well, there are reasons for that. Hang in there and I’ll get to them. But to begin with, maybe I should explain just what the PlayStation TV is, as there seems to be some confusion surrounding the purpose of the device.In a nutshell, the PlayStation TV is a stripped down version of the PlayStation Vita. It runs the same OS, it has the same interface, and it plays the same software (with some caveats. More on that later.)For a person like me, there are two major draws to this microscopic games console: it’s between $100 and $150 cheaper than the Vita (depending on the model you buy) and can be connected to a television via HDMI. This is very important to me because I’m not keen on handheld gaming in general, especially when the device in question relies heavily on a touch screen interface. I have trouble keeping touch…

  2. XZero says:

    A Decent Mini-Console with Future Potential The Playstation TV is a case of caveat emptor–in other words, buyer beware. It’s a ‘know what you’re getting’ sort of thing. And your enjoyment of it is going to be directly impacted by whether you’re fully informed about what it is you’re buying.As other reviewers have noted, the unit itself is roughly the size of a deck of cards. The “standard” version comes with only an HDMI cable and the power cable. Physically, it feels well-built and has a sleek look to it. It’s practically invisible in my home setup and bears a very tiny footprint.At launch, this unit is really, truthfully only good for one thing: playing (most) Vita games on the TV. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube–none of them work, so its use as a streaming unit for a second television is nonexistent. This is a huge disappointment because I had fully intended on replacing the Wii in the bedroom with this thing, and now the Wii gets to stay until the PS TV is patched. Do not buy this expecting to…

  3. F4LL0U7 says:

    Sparse game & video options, and major annoyances. Don’t buy…yet. I was really excited about the PSTV. I wanted it to replace the Chromecast for video streaming in my bedroom, while also allowing me to play my library of games. It does neither well at all.Full disclosure, I am a huge PlayStation fan. I have owned all of the PS consoles and handhelds (at launch) since the first one, and I have owned no other brand of console since then. I love my PS exclusive games, and I’ve been a PS+ member from the beginning. I love PlayStation, so it was only natural for me to pick this item up at launch like the other systems. I was very disappointed and will be seeking a refund. Here’s why.If you’re looking to use the PSTV for video streaming, definitely look elsewhere. Although you can download and install Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, they will not run. Since I’m not an anime fan, my only choice for video streaming right now is Sony’s own Crackle, which is frankly terrible. It’s free so I can’t complain too much, but the…

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