Take the greatness of PlayStation on the go with the Ultimate Gamer’s Companion. On the PlayStation Vita system, gamers can play over 1,000 PlayStation games, stream PS4 games via Remote Play, and stream PS3games via PS Now. This slim and sleek device also features a more immersive gaming experience away from your console and TV.

3 thoughts on “Sony PlayStation Vita WiFi

  1. LexusIS808 says:

    Original vs Slim Worth every penny! I own both the original fat vita and now the slim. Original seems more sturdy, brighter and battery gets about 3 hrs and not comfy.Slim is very light weight, not as bright, gets about 5hrs battery life, VERy comfy to play, way easier to play video games. I recommend buying those hardshell case. Feel like it can bend in your pocket like an iphone6. Looks VERY sleek matte black. Got it for $159.99 amazon.All in all I say buy it!EDIT: 1/21/2015I do notice the wifi on the slim is WEAKER. I have 2 wifi routers at my home and when I compare the 2. The slim is 10%-15% weaker in wifi compared to the Fat vita. I can be right next to the router and the slim reads 85% and the fat reads 95%-100%. I have yet to see it at 100%? I dont know if thats even possible? I have no idea why it does that but I tested them on both of my routers. And yes of course one vita was off and no other devices were on wifi at the time. Does it effect…

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