Xbox 360 Elite with 1 Controller – REFURBISHED

3 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Elite 120 GB Console System

  1. A. Nugen says:

    Xbox 360 E74 Error I purchased the Xbox 360 Elite from Gamesboutike for $230.00 in August, 2009. It was listed on Amazon as USED – LIKE NEW. By December 2009 the unit displayed an E74 error message. Per Microsoft instruction, I sent the unit in for repair. Microsoft returned the unit a few weeks later stating that the Xbox has been modified or tamperred with; therefore, the warranty has been voided. MS dispute resolution center advice that I should take my dispute with the retailer that sold me the unit if I did not tamper with it. Following MS’s advice I contacted Gamesboutike through Amazon. Gamesboutike responded and instructed me to send in the unit to them and that they would try to repair the unit themselves. About a couple weeks later after I shipped the unit to Gamesboutike, they responded that the unit was damage beyond repair due to some Xclamp reason and there is nothing else they can do for me. I responded to Gamesboutike to let them know that I’m the sole owner of the Xbox and I’m certain…

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