3 thoughts on “XBOX Console

  1. Jacob Stamm says:

    Best machine Microsoft has ever made I have the very first build of the Xbox, and let me just say that after YEARS of playing it (we preordered it), with hundreds upon hundreds, maybe around 1500 different save files, the damn thing STILL has… you guessed it, “50,000+ Blocks”, and is still kickin. I strongly recommend modding it with a media center hack, and turning it into your personal entertainment system for classic games, regular DVDs, and music. Great thing. I freakin wish that Microsoft hadn’t been its creator, they are such cheap bastards, and original Xbox live doesn’t work anymore, but still a good piece of gaming history. Greatest Xbox original games of all time, that I’ve played:-Halo: Combat Evolved-Halo 2-Cell Damage-007: Goldfinger-Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (I and II)-Burnout: Revenge-Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit-Heroes of the Pacific-Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood-Call of Duty (the original)-Medal of Honor: Rising…

  2. Alan Edward Creager says:

    It’s the Box. Early on in your trying out of an Xbox game console, you may wonder if it’s really worth bothering with. The Xbox Live functions- which don’t exist anymore, thank you very much Microsoft- were clunky and slow, especially compared to those of the 360. The first controller was an oversized mistake, and had that controller stayed as the standard this review would certainly be different. The controllers are almost exclusively wired, if that disappoints anybody, and the graphics are far behind what consoles can do today. On top of it all, too many people don’t even seem to know there *was* an Xbox. I keep hearing “Xbox”, then ask for clarification and find the person really meant the 360.The Xbox may in some ways be past its prime. It’s no longer the top dog in game consoles- PS2 never was, I prefer a console that *can’t* be mistaken for a DVD player. It’s been a full decade since it was released in North America.But…If you look past its age and the…

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