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2 thoughts on “Xbox One Halo: The Master Chief Collection 500GB Bundle

  1. Josh says:

    PS4 owner who recently bought Xbox One. An honest comparison. Watch out for VFernandez. He’s Sony Rep trolling these XBOreviews. I bought a Playstation 4 (PS4) at launch because…well…because that was the console that made the most sense to buy first so this review will try to cover every detail compared to the PS4 and I will try to be as honest as possible and with the least amount of bias as possible(hopefully). I also own a (very expensive) high end gaming PC that can handle most of the games in highest, most detailed quality as possible. With this in mind, I will not be reviewing this system based on graphics capabilities because even though PS4 tends to be rated slightly better, if you want to play based solely on graphics alone, then you should stop playing console games and switch over to the PC. The PS4 and the Xbox One (XBO) just doesn’t have enough of a difference to buy one over the other over graphics alone. That, and the fact that I won’t buy the same title for both systems to make a comparison; that just doesn’t make sense for me.History:I like to see myself as a gaming…

  2. Ryan says:

    Great bundle, especially for a massive Halo fan like me. Yet again another excellent bundle. The MCC bundle includes all 4 halo games, so you won’t find Halo Reach, Wars, or any other non numbered Halos here. This package brings a nostalgia to the old days. Every single game runs at 1080p 60FPS except for Halo 2 anniversary. Speaking of that, Halo 2 has been completely remastered. The visuals look like something coming out of a next gen console, instead of 10 year old hardware. Halo MCC has had a myriad of issues with multiplayer, but it’s been much better now. I can get into matches more possibly, but it’s still not perfect. But given the 45 campaign missions on all the 4 Halos, I would forgive it a little bit more. Halo 3 and 4 still look the same, but runs at 1080p 60FPS now. Halo 1 Combat Evolved Anniversary is also ported into this game from 3 years ago. Also there are some extras like the Halo Nightfall digital series and the Halo 5 Guardians Multiplayer Beta, which unfortunately already ended.All in all, I would…

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