Create an Unforgettable Face With The Magic of Beetastic’s New Face Paint Kit for Kids

Happily bring to life your child’s favorite character, animal, or design with America’s safest face paint kit. Beetastic has everything you need to create vibrant, colorful, and fun designs for any occasion.

No One Should Have To Remember Their Special Day As Anything Other Than Perfect! Click The Yellow Add To Cart Button At The Top Of This Page To Make Your Next Party A Colorful Memory!

We Know You’ll Love It or Your Money Back! Backed By Our Happiness Guarantee!

2 thoughts on “Face Painting Kit for Kids – Non-Toxic Colorful Educational Toys – Great for Kids Halloween Costumes and Birthday Parties – Preferred Over Snazaroo Face Paints – Each Kit Paints 50+ Faces

  1. Kristy Stout says:

    Goes on great and stays on! My kids love pretend playing and they spend about 75% of their time at home wearing costumes. When I told them I had ordered the Beetastic Face Paint, they were ecstatic. They have bugged me everyday since it came to paint their faces.The Beetastic Face Paint is a fun set of paints. You get 8 colors – light blue, dark blue, green, red, yellow, white, purple, and black. There are two foam brushes, two sponges and one paint brush. When the set arrives, each circle of paint is covered by a thin piece of plastic. I use tweezers to get the plastic off each one. The paints and brushes/sponges come in a plastic tray that you can use to store them in.I have never owned a set of face paints other than a small set that came from the Halloween department of a local store and I wasn’t very impressed. This is set is much nicer and easy to use. You just need to wet the sponge or the brush and run on the paint. What impressed me the…

  2. Dust Storm (aka Haboob) says:

    Paint goes on very easily and looks great, and it washes off easier than any washable paint I have tried before. This review is for the Beetastic Face Paint Kit for Kids.With your purchase, you get what you see in the product photos! You get a fine, detail paint brush, two large brushes for the major application, and two sponges you can either use to hole water, or even apply some paint. The paint comes with plastic covers on each color, so be sure to remove it with a toothpick or something pointy first.The paint needs to be activated with water, so you can either put a few drops in the paint, or wet your paint applicator first. The paint goes on extremely smoothly. It doesn’t go on too thin, or too blotchy. Its very thin because it is water based, so it is easy to control. Once it dries, it will stay on pretty well, and takes a lot to smudge it. If, however, the paint gets re-wet, it is much easier to smudge and transfer to other items. Luckily, the paint is non-toxic and washable, so it won’t stain anything. To remove, simply…

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