It looks like the zombie in your yard wants to pop back up and say hello. These Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes feature gray plastic hands with dark gray cloth sleeves. There are plastic stakes at the ends of the sleeves to stick in your front yard. These are perfect to add to any haunted graveyard!

2 thoughts on “Forum Novelties Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes, 2-Pieces

  1. Hopelessly Caffeinated in Phoenix says:

    These look pretty awful I’m giving these 2 stars but one of those is only because I’m not going to bother returning them and don’t feel that a 1-star rating is appropriate for something you keep. However, these do not look a thing like the picture. Instead, these are this tacky super-cheesy hand mold (that looks absurd) and the chintzy fabric. basically, nothing resembles what the picture shows for the item description. I was pretty bummed to open the package… I have all of these great Halloween decorations for my yard and thought that these would be a great addition. I was very wrong – I’m keeping them with the hopes that I can maybe redo the fabric and paint the hands to make them not look so ridiculous… but we’ll see. The sad fact is that I bought really great props that exceeded my expectations and cost only a little more than these… so it wasn’t even a matter of getting what you paid for. These are just not worth the money – save yourself the last-minute decoration shopping stress and move…

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