Jumpsuit with Ghostbusters logo and inflatable backpack.
One size up to 44
Who You Gonna Call?

2 thoughts on “Ghostbusters Costume With Inflatable Backpack

  1. Bibliophage says:

    Unless you are going to a comic convention, this costume has everything you need I truly cannot understand what people were expecting for this nice, low price. I have to assume the poor-to-middlin’ reviews were from people who are going to a convention and plan to wear the costume repeatedly and with much seriousness. I think these folks should know that the uber-geeks will drive them from the geek village if they show up wearing something they bought at the department store. Fortunately there are thousands of pages on the internet telling you how to simulate ectoplasm with authenticity and make your own ghost busting backpack from your mom’s old vacuum cleaner, etc. If, like other people who buy a $30 costume, you are looking for something that will hold up over 3-4 wears of a few hours apiece for Hallowe’en, a costume party, or whatever, this is the costume for you. It is detailed enough for fun (real zippered pockets on the front) and held up just fine while getting in and out of cars, lifting a Solo cup, and performing embarrassingly outdated dance…

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