No more screaming. Now, it’s all roars and fire. Keep all the flammable objects away, or this budding dragon may accidentally … destroy them. But, the good news is that once he can control his fire-breathing, there will be no more waiting for dinner to heat up.

3 thoughts on “InCharacter Unisex-baby Newborn Dragon Costume, Teal/Green, Small (6 – 12 Months)

  1. dark54555 "dark54555" says:

    Absolutely Adorable This costume is adorable. Absolutely adorable. The fit is true to the sizing, and the face tends to stay in place on my kid. I’m actually surprised to see so many other reviews noting size issues. We ordered 12-18 months for my son (who is 15 months old, and wears 12-18 months in most other brands; Carters, Old Navy, Gap, Oshkosh, etc.) and it fit without any issues. I think the most important piece in the size chart is height, but YMMV. The wings snap on and off for easy storage but are rigid enough to look right but soft enough to avoid injury.The size chart, noted in another review:Small (6-12mo) Height 29 – 30.5 inches Waist 19 – 19.5 inches Weight 23 -25 poundsMedium (12-18mo) Height 30.5 – 33 inches Waist 19.5 – 20.25 inches Weight 25 – 27 poundsLarge ( 18mo-2T) Height 33 – 35 inches Waist 20.25 – 21 inches Weight 28-30 poundsBased on this chart, my son is in the right height range but below the weight for the size we got. It fits…

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