Includes: Dress, headpiece, tail. Not included: Shoes.

3 thoughts on “Peacock Costume

  1. Sara M says:

    Best store bought costume I’v ever purchased I bought this costume in a large for my daughter who is about 90 lbs and 4’8″ (wears a size 12/14) – The large was perfect.All the edges were well finished and the fabric was nice and shiny, no blemishes. It is a very well put together costume with bright, vibrant colors and impressive detailing. you can tell that a lot of thought was put into this costume!I was surprised to find the tail is actually held up by clear straps (like the kind in blouses that hold them onto hangers) that are meant to go on the child’s wrist. If you look carefully you can see them in the seller’s photo. I had thought that the tail was going to have some kind of plastic ribbing that held it out and open on its own. But I will say that my daughter really liked the wrist straps better because she could ‘flap’ the tail feathers. I love how large the ‘tail’ is. I saw some other peacock costumes at the store and they had a sad, tiny little fan of a tail. This costume really captures the grandiosity of…

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