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2 thoughts on “Rubie’s Costume Star Wars Jawa Costume

  1. E. Lee says:

    Utini! Pretty good costume. This costume was bought for the Inaugural Starwars Half Marathon. The costume fit well and I was thoroughly impressed with the overall quality.FittingThe #1 question will be how well did it fit? I ordered the “Standard size”. I am a 6’0″ tall male that weighs ~185. My waist size is 34 and my neck size is 32″. The costume was the perfect length where it came down to about 1/2″ above the ground. This was perfect for running as it did not get in my front or back step. I was able to run all 13 miles in it without any part of the robe getting in my way.Quality:Robe: The robe is a thin material almost like a dri-fit type material thickness. Keep in mind this is a $50 costume you can’t expect too much. For those who go to Party City, it is literally one of the costumes you see hanging on the wall in the plastic bags. The robe is thin so I strongly suggest wearing something under it to keep warm. The robe also has four pieces…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    This is a Halloween costume people! Don’t expect a convention quality costume for this price. I think all the people that complain about this costume not being prefect or of the highest quality, need to have a bit of a reality check when it comes to the world of costumes. Go down to your local Halloween store, like Spirit, and take a gander at the prices for adult costumes. Most of those are in the $50-$60 range and higher. This Jawa costume is actually reasonably priced as far as Halloween costumes go. Also, let’s be realistic here. You’re NOT going to get a convention quality costume for this price, you’re just not. This is a Halloween costume. You want something you can wear to a comic con? Be prepared to dish out the big bucks on sites like Etsy for custom stuff. Sorry, that’s just the reality of it.I bought this costume because my sons like doing a theme every Halloween and this year the theme is Star Wars. As for as Halloween costumes go, I rather like this. The glowing eyes are awesome and the fit is exactly right. Yeah, it’s not the highest quality, but…

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