Deluxe women’s Boba Fett costume jumpsuit and 2-piece mask that combine to create a helmet. Jumpsuit features molded armor, attached cape and belt With Star wars Costumes in every size and style, Rubie’s is the perfect place for your group or family costume needs. An officially licensed costume, buy with confidence directly from Amazon. You’re never to young or too old to wear a costume! Whether for passing out candy, Christmas, Mardi Gras, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, or just play time – Rubie’s has you covered. Family-owned and family-operated from their 2-million square foot facility in Long Island, New York, Rubie’s works every day to be an innovator in both design and manufacture of scary, funny, historical, and mythical ensembles.

3 thoughts on “Rubie’s Women’s Star Wars Boba Fett Deluxe Costume Jumpsuit

  1. M S says:

    I’m fine with it – didn’t have high expectations so, it’s good It’s see through! Can totally see underwear lining, even wearing two sets of underwear. I suggest wearing BOXER BRIEFs which is what I was wearing in the photos I’ve listed. I feel much more comfortable not flashing people. It’s a pretty tight fit, stretchy material. 5’4 110lb sleeves and leggings were all long but it didn’t bother me. It’s actually nice to have that slack. Helmet kinda sucks. It’s mostly hunter green which doesn’t match with the body costume but the helmet also doesn’t fit comfortably around my face either – smooshes my nose. It’s also difficult to see out of. I can see why the model isn’t wearing it over her face – it’ll probably smudge her makeup. The mask is made of hard plastic that’s kinda flexible, it’s in two pieces (back and front) and there’s velcro on the mask pieces to adhere to to make it a lopsided helmet. If you’re creative, maybe you can use a permanent glue that’s specifically for plastic, puncture some holes, add reinforcements around the holes, add…

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